The Best Built-In Features for Arizona Commercial Pools

If you own a hotel, an apartment building, a resort, a spa, or a residential community, having a pool is an investment that can increase the value of your property and impress your guests or tenants. You can create a pool that is as sophisticated as something you would see in Architectural Digest, or you can create a pool that looks like a tropical oasis at a luxury resort. Your creativity can unlock a wide variety of options.

The best built-in features for Arizona commercial pools

The key to success is working with a top-rated custom swimming pool company in Chandler that has the experience and skill to bring your vision to life. Your custom pool builder will help you learn about some of the best built-in features to include in your pool to make an optimal impact, such as:

Sloped Entry

A lot of people like sloped entry

Most people don’t like to jump right into the deep end of the pool. Even jumping into three or four feet of water can be jarring. But that’s the only option if you have a standard pool with steps or a ladder. However, if you work with a custom pool builder, you can get a pool that has a sloped entry, allowing people to slowly get used to the pool.

There are a couple of benefits to the sloped entry. If you run an establishment that has a lot of children as guests, you can create a safer area for them in the pool. Many will be able to stand and play near the shallower end of the slope. For adults, the gradual entry into the pool lets them warm up to swimming. As the conversation heats up and the atmosphere gets more exciting, they will move deeper into the pool.

Tanning Ledges

Once you’re in the water for a while, you get used to the temperature. If you want to work on your tan, you have to get out and feel cold. But then after a few minutes of laying in the sun, you may feel so hot that you have to get back in the water. You’ll be constantly jumping in and out of the water to stay comfortable.

By installing tanning ledges on your commercial pool, you can let guests enjoy tanning while also still being cool in the water. They can take a rest from swimming, continue to socialize with other guests in the pool, and warm up in the sun without overheating.

Swim-Up Bar

Add a swim-up bar to your commercial pool

Likewise, no one likes having to get out of the pool to get a cool drink or even a small snack. You can make it easy for your guests by installing a swim-up bar in your pool. You can make it for drinks only, or you can add small snacks. You can serve refreshing drinks like lemonade, or you can add alcoholic drinks if it’s appropriate, such as if you run a resort or a hotel bar.

A swim-up bar includes sunken barstools so guests can enjoy a drink while sitting in the cool water. Consider adding a fire pit or other fire features around the bar for a more dramatic effect.

LED Lighting

Lighting can transform a pool

Lighting can transform a pool, taking it from dull and ordinary to sophisticated and beautiful. LED lighting can create some spectacular effects. It can be installed in different colors, and it can be programmed to have different effects, such as flashing or moving in a line or pattern.

Just having a lighted pool at night can elevate your pool. It will allow guests to swim at night, and it will make your establishment look better than your competitors.


Create a beautiful effect with a waterfall

Photos of large, cascading waterfalls in travel brochures are stunning and enticing to visitors. You can create the same appeal if you put a waterfall in your pool. You don’t have to build Niagara Falls, but you can create a beautiful effect with a waterfall that’s only 10 or 15 feet high. You can have rocks and plants build around the sides and the base to enhance the effect.

If a waterfall is too much for your pool or your budget, you can create beautiful effects with other water features, such as sprays, fountains, and jets.

Chandler Custom Pools and Spas

Adding these and other built-in features to your commercial pool will increase the value of your property and make it more attractive to clients and guests. Work with a custom pool builder to figure out which features will best complement your pool or transform it into something truly spectacular.

True Blue Pools is a top-rated custom swimming pool company in Arizona, and our professional contractors can design and execute a gorgeous pool for your property. We start by getting to know your goals, learning about your property, and understanding your company’s values, and then we provide tailored feedback on your Chandler pool remodel or new pool build. We keep you involved throughout the process, ensuring that we create the pool you want and stick to your budget. Call us today to talk to a custom pool builder in Chandler, Arizona and get the process started.

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