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Pool Construction Process

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Our Construction Process | Attention to Detail

A beautifully designed pool and construction quality go hand in hand. Look through our gallery to see some pools that are stunning in design as well as constructed with quality craftsmanship and materials. As an owner/operated company, we are out on every job site inspecting that all phases of construction are done correctly and to your satisfaction. This insures a finished product that you will be proud of for years to come. Our average construction process is 45-60 days from excavation to water. Once we start a project, we keep it moving along with minimal down time between phases. Thats why True Blue Pools, Inc., a Phoenix pool builder, should be your builder. Below is a step by step process of pool/spa construction.

Custom 3D design for your Arizona pool

Consultation & Design

We come out to your property and find out the details that you want on your pool. We take that information back to the office and generate a 3D computer design of your swimming pool with an itemized quote to go along with the drawing. Upon approval of your design, we obtain engineered plans and submit for city or county building permits.


Once we receive your building permit back from the appropriate municipality, we come out and layout your pool according to the plans discussed during consultation and design. You will be able to see the actual size of the pool “footprint” in the proposed site area. Once you approve of the layout of your pool, we are ready to begin excavation.
pool building layout
pool building excavation


Once the layout for your new pool is complete, we bring in the heavy equipment and start to excavate the hole that will resemble the finished product. At this point, our Arizona pool building and spa addition contractors also set form boards and set the pool elevation. Keeping you in mind, we keep the mess to a minimum throughout the excavation process.


Once the pool or spa excavation process is complete, a crew will dig trenches around the excavated pool and install the circulation pipes between the pool and the equipment pad. These pipes will move water to and from the pool. Once the plumbing is completed, we pressure test the plumbing for leaks and this is inspected by the city inspector.
pool building plumbing
pool building steel/rebar


Upon completion of the excavation and plumbing installation for your new residential or commercial pool or spa, the pool builders at True Blue Pools install the reinforcing steel and rebar to the shape of your pool. This serves as the framework for your new pool or spa and ensures and contributes to the pool’s high structural integrity.


We install the electrical service from your main electrical panel to the panel at the pool equipment pad. We wire all the pumps, run brass conduit to the pool light niche, perform all the proper bonding so everything meets NEC codes.
pool building electrical
pool building final inspection


After electrical work is completed for your new pool and spa, we continue on to the inspection stage. At this point in the process, a qualified pool inspector will come out to do an inspection of the completed phases. After the inspection is passed, our pool building crew can schedule the shotcrete crew to come in and shoot, or create, the shell of the pool.


Following an inspection and approval by the inspector, True Blue Pools schedules a shotcrete crew to complete the interior. The shotcrete is a pneumatically applied concrete material that covers the steel to form a monolithic (one piece) pool shell. At this point, you will see the exact shape of the pool take shape as the concrete is added to form the walls of your new pool or spa.
pool building shotcrete
pool building waterfall


If a waterfall or other type of water feature, such as water scuppers, sheer descent water features, other alternative water features are chosen by the customer during consultation and design to be built or installed, it will be done at this time. If a natural rock waterfall is built, our pool designers bring in boulders and build a beautiful rock feature to fit the style of your new pool or spa.


Once the shotcrete shell is in place, if a concrete deck is going to be poured we bring in the concrete crew to form and pour the pool deck. Once the concrete cures, an acrylic concrete coating is applied to beautify the deck. If a paver deck is chosen by the customer, we come in and set coping around the perimeter of the pool and then set the pavers to the shape of the deck.
pool building decking
pool building tile

Waterline Tile/Stonework

Once the pool and spa decking is in place, a crew will come in and set the waterline tile chosen by the customer and any stone work on raised beams will be done.

Final Inspection

At this point of the construction process a final inspection is scheduled. A pool inspector will come out and inspect any phase that wasn’t done on the first inspection and also inspect that the barrier code has been met. Each city varies on barrier codes and we will instruct you on what needs to be done to satisfy your appropriate city’s code.
Water Features are fun for kids
pool building pebble surface

Pool Interior Finish

This is the last phase of the pool construction process, installing a plaster, pebble or all tile interior. Once the interior finish is applied, the pool will be filled up and will be ready for start-up.

Start Up of Pool

At this stage, everything has been completed and inspected, and the equipment can be started up. Balancing of chemicals will also happen in this phase.

Phoenix Arizona Ultimate pool construction


Ultimate pool final

The Phoenix Arizona “Ultimate” pool constuction process is more involved than the standard pool process due to additional design reviews, revisions, engineering details, and the additional time required to plan and implement each construction phase. Here are some examples of the construction process for the “Ultimate” pool construction.

True Blue Pools specializes in providing top-rated pool building and spa building services to residential and commercial property owners in the Phoenix Valley and throughout the state of Arizona. If you’re in need of an experienced pool builder with an amazing variety of design options available, contact True Blue Pools today.

As owner/operators we are out on the job site during every one of these phases. This insures the quality construction that goes into every pool we build. We are happy to answer any questions you have along the way and address any concerns you may have during the construction process. We feel when you are in touch with one of the owners on a daily basis, you will feel more confident that you are getting a quality pool. Please call True Blue Pools today at 480-820-9495 or fill out our “contact us” page to get started.

We serve the greater Phoenix area, Ahwatukee, Chandler, Gilbert, Gold Canyon, Mesa, Paradise Valley, Queen Creek, Scottsdale, Sun Lakes, Tempe, and San Tan Valley.

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