Tired of your old pool? Remodel it beautiful again!

Pool remodeling is our specialty. Remodel your swimming pool/spa with True Blue Pools extensive experience. True Blue Pools, Inc specializes in the remodeling of existing, old “dated” swimming pools and spas.

If you are tired of your old pool, then you may be interested in a pool renovation. We can renovate it to look like a stunning masterpiece that is better than new. Or if your pool equipment is getting old and worn out, we can show you products that can save on your energy bill, save on chemical usage and pool/spa lights that change colors and do computerized light shows! 

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Add some options to remodel your pool to look beautiful such as:

  • Long-life exposed aggregate-based interior surfaces such as a mini pebble sheen.
  • A Quartz based plaster material that is very durable and we can add color chips to make it sparkle even more.
  • Or do the ultimate all tile interior, choose from glass or ceramic tile.
  • A new waterline tile pattern to update the look, there are many to choose from.
  • Acrylic concrete deck coatings to make old pool decks look amazing.
  • Or cover your deck with a travertine paver or some other stone material.
  • Add waterfeatures to hear that soothing cascading sound of a natural waterfall.
  • Convert an old diving pool to a fun and exciting play pool.

Replace your old pool equipment with these options: