Pool Interior Resurfacing Options

A Phoenix Pool Builder and Remodeler

Swimming pool interior resurfacing in Arizona is one of the most common items performed when remodeling a swimming pool or spa. This is a highly specialized construction project and should be done by skilled craftsmen. True Blue Pools offers you many different options when you decide to resurface your pool. There is traditional Classic white marble plaster, Quartz plasters, exposed aggregate products that are usually referred to as a pebble sheen, or you can choose to go with an all-tile interior, usually considered the nicest, longest lasting pool interior available. Each product will have a different price point and also have different warranties associated with it. You will need to choose the one that fits your budget and your particular situation.


Classic white plaster is usually the least expensive of all resurfacing options. It is a standard white plaster that is shot into the pool and hand troweled to a smooth white finish. With proper care and maintenance, this surface will have a life span of 10-15 years.


Quartz plasters come in many different types and vary in appearance. Quartz plaster can be done in white which resembles a Classic white plaster or have color chips added to give it some color.


Pebble interiors are an exposed aggregate surface that come in 2 different sizes, regular pebble or mini pebble, often referred to as “pebble sheen”. They come in a variety of colors and are the most durable of all interior choices. The color comes mainly from the cement base that holds the pebbles in place. The durability comes from the amount of aggregate that is used in the mix. The mini pebble has become the preferred choice over regular pebble because it gives the pool a smoother texture.

All Tile Interiors

An All-tile pool interior will produce the most dramatic appearance. Choose from 1″ ceramic tiles or 1″ glass tiles, either one will produce a stunning pool interior. This interior usually has the highest per square foot price of the interiors offered, but if you want something that is very impressive, tile is the way to go.

No matter what interior you choose, they will all make an old outdated pool surface look great again.

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