Why LED Is The Best Option For Your Pool Lighting

The Advantages Of LED Lights For Your Swimming Pool

LED lighting has come into its own over the last decade. Its popularity has grown exponentially due to its energy efficiency and durability. Therefore, if you want to install a new pool light system, LED is your best choice.

But why should you choose LED lights over other types of pool lighting, such as fluorescent bulbs or HID lamps? There are many reasons for that, so let us explain below some of the best reasons to consider them before calling a Chandler custom pool and spa builder

LED Lights For Your Swimming Pool

Beautiful & Practical

There’s nothing more beautiful in a yard at night than an illuminated pool. It’s a stunning spectacle! But it is also useful while taking a bath because dark water quickly loses its appeal and is all too evocative of any horror movie.

However, did you know that pool lights may be an excellent security tool too?

Imagine being awakened in the middle of the night by a loud splash. You would want to be instantly aware of any changes in your pool. Your first thought is to turn on the lights (some systems light up quickly for this reason). This allows you to observe what has dropped into the water.

The sound usually comes from an animal. Picture what it would be like without lights if it were a child. In conclusion, lighting up your pool is very helpful.

Better Energy Efficiency

In the past, PAR56 light bulbs—a standard from the performing arts—were typically used to illuminate swimming pools. These powerful but energy-hungry (300 W) bulbs were effective at illuminating big areas, so they were the only option then. 

Back in those days, you could easily ask for a project with PAR56 light bulbs without spending too much. Most Sun Lakes pool remodeling companies had these bulbs to light up at night and give more security to homeowners.

These incandescent light bulbs were not expensive to purchase, but since they operated at a very low voltage (owing to safety concerns in the water), they needed substantial and costly copper wiring to prevent overheating (not to mention the high price of the transformer).

Since then, following the same regulations as the European Union, the US has put into practice eco-friendly lighting bulbs that use less energy.

Therefore, you can now light up your swimming pool with LED lights without worrying about energy waste.

LED Lighting Comes In a Variety Of Styles

The main benefit of LEDs, which stand for Light-Emitting Diodes, is that they produce light from the energy they need. In contrast, incandescent light bulbs lose a lot of energy as heat, which shortens their useful lives. Therefore, LEDs have a very long lifespan when properly cooled. However, everything depends on the available space.

LEDs in swimming pools enhance their beauty while making them safer at night. Compared to incandescent light bulbs, LEDs waste less energy without risking efficiency, making them an excellent choice when asking for Tempe pool building services

To keep the PAR56 shape in pools while avoiding installation replacement, the first light bulbs were the same shape, but manufacturers replaced the filament with hundreds of LEDs. These, however, have a low light output and are inexpensive but weak; the PAR56 is not designed for LEDs, especially with heat dissipation.

Another type of LED lighting preserves the diameter of the PAR56 spotlight but with a modified bulb shape: the brightness of the 3 or 400 LEDs required, however, stays low.

Keep in mind that LEDs have a very long lifespan (often more than 10,000 hours). They can occasionally be more expensive than other types of light bulbs, but they pay for themselves quite rapidly.

As a result, LED lighting has many advantages, including lower energy usage and greater lifetime compared to incandescent light bulbs.

Hundreds Of Color

When you hear the term LED, you probably think of the spectacular displays these diodes can do due to their variety of colors. But you typically only see those in the air, not water.

But water is not neutral; it absorbs more or less of the wavelength. Hence the importance of being smart when designing your pool project, and the best you can do is to contact a Chandler custom pool and spa builder to choose the right LED color. 

For example, it is uncommon to see a pool lit in red because water absorbs more of this color than it does for blue or green. You can imagine the outcome would be highly muddy and unpleasant.

Talk to a professional pool builder to know the best-LED option when designing your swimming pool.

Contacting The Pros

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