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Chandler Custom Pool And Spa Builder
Chandler Pool and Spa Builder

As a premier Chandler custom pool and spa builder, we take pride in transforming your backyard dreams into reality. With a reputation for excellence, our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to crafting stunning, personalized aquatic sanctuaries that perfectly complement Chandler’s sunny climate. From innovative designs to meticulous construction, we prioritize your complete satisfaction at every stage of your project. Contact us today to discover how we can create a luxurious oasis that enhances your home and lifestyle. From in-ground pools to pools with waterfalls, we have you covered.

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With more than 330 sunny days a year, Chandler, AZ is truly a city in the Valley of the Sun. It is one of the fastest growing cities in Arizona, and sports numerous golf courses, first rate resorts, dining and shopping opportunities, cultural program and much more. Downtown Chandler features vintage styled lanterns and trellis covered walkways which invite residents as well as visitors to stroll along Chandler streets and neighborhoods. Downtown Chandler is also the home of the Chandler Center of the arts, a variety of museums, and wineries. Chandler truly has no shortage of entertainment possibilities.

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For excellent swimming pool builders in the Chandler area, contact the professional contractors at True Blue Pools to give you a quality, beautiful oasis right in your backyard!

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When you want to add a custom pool to your backyard, consult the professional pool builders at True Blue Pools to explore affordable financing options.

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Once you have decided to add a new pool build to your home in Chandler, contact the expert pool builders at True Blue Pools to take care of your swimming pool project!

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When you want to design and customize your own new pool build in Chandler, consult the expert swimming pool contractors at True Blue Pools!

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  • Five star rated on Yelp, BBB and Google
  • Most of our business is repeat & referral
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  • Strict quality control practices over all aspects of the construction and remodeling of our customers projects.

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    Transform Your Chandler Pool With The Help Of True Blue Pools

    Of course fun is also to be had in your own Chandler backyard. Chances are that many Chandler residents already have a pool in their backyard; maybe they had it installed, or that it even came with the property, when they first purchased it.

    Perhaps, it is time to think about a Chandler pool remodel or repair? Are you tired of the same tile and old plaster? Do you want to add some tables, chairs, a water feature or maybe even a pool bar? Is your pool looking worn out, beat up and showing its age? Then the time has come for you pool to receive a face-lift. Besides planning and building custom pools in Chandler and surrounding areas, True Blue Pools are also experts in pool remodel, renovation and repair.

    Pool With Waterfall and Sunken Bar in Chandler
    Curved Pool With Waterfall In Chandler, AZ

    The experts at True Blue Pools can offer you many different remodeling options for your Chandler pool. Pool interiors alone offer many possibilities from classic white marble plaster to quartz plaster to exposed aggregate products. Tile is another option which will last you a long time. You can make your choice based on your aesthetics and your price point, and we will make it happen.

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    Experienced Contractors for Chandler Custom Pools and Spas

    Once you have made the decision to add a pool to your backyard, you will want to make sure that you hire a pool contractor that has years of extensive experience and a stellar reputation. True Blue Pool has both. We have been building pools in and around Chandler for over 25 years. Every pool we construct exemplifies our business philosophy or combining unique designs with quality components and great rates. Our experienced pool builders are there for you, every step of the way. We want to share our expertise with you so you can make the best decision for your backyard oasis. A pool is not something you buy in passing by, it requires planning, design, constructing and maybe even financing and our team can assist you with every aspect of the Chandler custom pool and spa building process.

    Chandler Custom Pools and Spas

    Our Straightforward, Step-By-Step Procedure For Building A Custom Pool & Spa


    Schedule A Design & Layout Consultation

    Get the process started by scheduling a design and layout consultation for your upcoming pool installation. Our experts will work with you to understand your vision, assess your space, and create a customized plan to bring your dream pool to life.


    Review Any Details & Estimates Before Building

    After the initial consultation, we will thoroughly review all the project details and provide you with a comprehensive estimate. This step ensures that you have a clear understanding of the scope of work, budget, and timeline before we move forward with the pool construction process.


    We Start Excavating & Install The Steel

    With all the details confirmed, our team will begin the excavation process and install the necessary steel structures for your pool. This phase marks the physical start of the pool construction, setting the foundation for the beautiful aquatic space that’s taking shape in your backyard.

    Step By Step Process In A Custom Pool Building Project In Chandler
    Our Easy Step By Step Process To Build A Custom Pool And Spa In Chandler

    Plumbing For The Circulation & Main Drain System

    Following the excavation and steel installation, we focus on setting up the pool’s essential plumbing components, including circulation systems and the main drain system. This stage is crucial to ensure proper water flow and filtration, laying the groundwork for a functional and efficient pool.


    Concrete, Tile & Decking Installation

    Once the structural elements are in place, we move on to the aesthetics. This includes pouring the concrete for the pool’s base, adding tile to enhance its appearance, and installing decking around the pool area for a stylish and functional finish.


    Pool Interior Finish & Start-Up

    In the final phase, we focus on completing the pool’s interior finish, giving it a smooth, attractive surface. We also initiate the pool’s systems, ensuring they are fully operational, to bring your custom pool to life and ready for your enjoyment.

    Chandler’s Comprehensive Custom Pool Services

    Why should you choose us to build your pool? Aside from our many years in the Chandler pool business, our pools feature unique designs, quality components and will last you a lifetime. From the initial consultation, through the 3D design and planning process, we listen to the wishes and dreams of our customers to ensure they will end up with the pool of their dreams. We work with the best materials in the industry, are timely and are proud of our great customer service. In fact, many of our clients, are repeat customers or referrals. This shows just how much our former clients think of us, and we are extremely proud of it. Owning a Chandler custom pool created by True Blue will make your neighbors envious and your kids not wanting to come inside at all. Visit our portfolio to get inspired.

    Get The Pool of Your Dreams with Our Custom Pool Services

    No matter if you are in the market for a stunning negative edge or overflow pool, are looking to add Baja steps to your existing pool or are looking for a more traditional free form pool that echoes the desert landscape, we can help. We treat every pool as if we were building a pool for our own mother. We want you to truly love your Chandler True Blue Pool. Let us add some stunning custom water features or turn your old dive pool into a kids’ dream of a play pool with a water slide and shallow parts where you can hang out and play. Or maybe you want a beautiful raise geometric pools with a custom waterfall and some scupper water features. If you can dream it, we can build it. Talk to us to learn more about what pool types we offer and what might be a good fit for you and your Chandler backyard.

    Large Pools Construction With Stairs, Built-in Spa, And Spitters In Chandler, AZ
     Enhance The Visual Appeal Of Your Chandler Pool

    Enhance The Visual Appeal Of Your Chandler Pool

    Accent tiles are another effective way to improve the overall experience of your Arizona pool. It can be used to frame or accent your pool and add visual stimulation. Of course, here at True Blue Pools, we do not only remodel and repair your pool, we plan and build your Chandler custom pool and spa as well. No matter if you are in the market for a freeform pool, or some exciting new water features, a backyard oasis, or a lap pool- True Blue can make your backyard dreams come true.
    Don’t get stuck indoors, enjoy the Chandler sun, and your own True Blue Pool! Contact us today!

    Create Your Chandler Backyard Oasis With The Expertise Of Our Skilled Pool Contractors

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    Chandler Neighborhoods Served By Our Pool & Spa Builders

    Custom Design For Pools And Spas For Homes In Ocotillo, Chandler

    Transform Your Ocotillo Home with a Unique Custom Pool & Spa Design!

    Installing unique custom pools in your Octillo home is what we do best. Contact us today for a free consultation to see how we can transform your yard into an oasis.

    Custom In-Ground Pool Installations In Twelve Oaks, Chandler

    Need A Custom In-Ground Pool Installed In Twelve Oaks?Give Us A Call Today!

    Experience exceptional customer service and top-notch pool installations in Twelve oaks with our pool installation company!

    Custom Pool And Spa Building Company In Sunbird, Chandler

    Install An In-Ground Pool & Spa With A Custom Design At Your Sunbird Home

    Whether you’re looking for a simple in-ground pool or a fancier pool and spa at your Sunbird Home, contact us and we can install the pool of your dreams.

    In-Ground Pool And Spa Constructors Providing Services In Downtown Chandler

    Looking To Enhance Your Pool Or Spa In Downtown Chandler?Contact Us

    If you are looking for a calm pool for your backyard where you can relax and cool off in Downtown Chandler, we have you covered!

    Custom Pool Installation In The Cooper Commons Area, Chandler

    Interested In Installing A Custom Pool In Cooper Commons?Call Our Company Today

    When you’re ready to install the pool of your dreams in Cooper Commons, look no further than True Blue Pools for high quality materials and installation.

    FAQs About Our Pool Building Services In Arizona

    The time it takes to install a new pool can vary widely depending on several factors. On average, it typically takes approximately 6 to 10 weeks from the start of excavation to the completion of the pool. The complexity of the pool design, site conditions, and local permitting processes can all influence the timeline. Custom-designed pools with intricate features may take longer, while simpler, standard pool installations may be quicker. Discuss the timeline with True Blue Pools who can give you an estimate, taking into account factors specific to your project, to get a more accurate idea of the installation duration.
    While many Arizona backyards can accommodate swimming pools, not every backyard is suited for one. Several factors must be considered. The most significant factor is available space; smaller or irregularly shaped yards may not have enough room for a pool without compromising other outdoor living areas or encroaching on property lines. Additionally, the local terrain, soil conditions, and potential challenges like rocks or high water tables can impact the feasibility and cost of pool installation. Finally, zoning regulations and homeowners’ association rules may impose restrictions or requirements that could affect your ability to build a pool.
    The size of your backyard needed to build a pool in Chandler, Arizona, depends on various factors, including the type and size of the pool, local zoning regulations, and your personal preferences. Typically, you’ll need enough space to accommodate the pool, pool deck, and a safe buffer zone around the pool for safety and accessibility. In many cases, a minimum of 800 to 1,000 square feet of available space is a good starting point for a small to medium-sized pool. However, it’s crucial to consult with your Chandler pool builder for specific guidelines and to ensure compliance with local regulations before proceeding with any pool construction project.
    Custom pool building estimates in Arizona can vary significantly due to several factors. Firstly, the size, shape, and complexity of the pool design play a crucial role. Larger or more intricate designs will naturally incur higher costs. Secondly, the choice of materials, finishes, and features can greatly impact the estimate. High-quality materials and additional features like waterfalls, lighting, or automation systems can increase the overall price. Thirdly, the region’s topography and soil conditions may affect excavation and construction costs. Lastly, variations in labor and construction costs, as well as local building codes and regulations, can lead to price discrepancies between different contractors and regions within Arizona. Contact True Blue Pools for a quote and discover that we provide the best work for what you pay.
    Generally, due to the hot and sunny climate, pools in Arizona may require more frequent attention than those in cooler regions.However, with updated technology, a lot of the maintenance can be done automatically so that you don’t have to do much unless your system notifies you that it needs attention. If you don’t have this system, you should plan for weekly to bi-weekly maintenance tasks such as skimming debris, cleaning the pool walls and floor, and checking and adjusting chemical levels. Additionally, regular checks for equipment like filters, pumps, and heaters are essential to ensure they are functioning correctly.
    Yes! Custom pools and spas can increase your home and property value in Arizona! Given the region’s hot climate, outdoor amenities are popular and desired! Many homebuyers in Chandler appreciate the luxury and relaxation that a well-designed pool and spa can offer, making properties with these features more attractive. However, the extent of value increase can vary depending on factors like the quality of the installation, maintenance, and the overall condition of the pool and spa. An installation with True Blue Pools will ensure the value of your property goes up significantly due to the high-quality materials and workmanship we provide! Hire us today to install your pool and spa!
    Pool Building Services In The Chandler Area

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    Chandler’s best-rated custom pool and spa builders are ready to bring your dream outdoor oasis to life. With a track record of excellence, our team of skilled professionals at True Blue Pools is known for delivering top-quality, tailored pool and spa solutions that align with your vision in Arizona.

    From creative designs to expert craftsmanship, we prioritize your satisfaction every step of the way. Contact us today to turn your backyard into a stunning, luxurious escape where you can relax, entertain, and create lasting Arizona memories.

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