Designing A Swim-Up Bar For Your Pool: 5 Things To Consider

What Is A Swim-Up Bar & How To Integrate It Into Your Pool

Creating a resort-like decor in your outdoor area is ideal if you spend a lot of time in the swimming pool. When designing a new in-ground pool, you can integrate an attractive swim-up bar into the overall design to enjoy a drink or snack without getting out of the pool. 

Swim-up bars have been popular in tropical resorts, but now they have gained popularity in residential projects. 

They provide an elegant and luxurious vibe for any pool. Plus, they are easy to maintain. 

If you are planning to add a swim-up bar to your next Chandler pool remodeling project, check these five tips to get started. 

Swim-Up Bar

What Is A Swim-Up Bar?

Before heading to the five tips, let’s learn what a swim-up bar is.

A pool swim-up bar is a custom feature that includes barstool seating, a countertop, and a serving area outside the pool (the “dry side”).

This pool set usually has two to five barstools built into the pool floor. The seat of each stool is below the water. Depending on the person’s height, they will have the lower half of the body in the water and the upper half above. This makes it easy for people to hold food and drinks on the countertop in front of them. 

The countertop can have a curved or straight design. It all depends on the design project. A popular style is a tile or stone that coordinates with the pool to decorate the exterior. Some homeowners also use materials and colors that visually contrast the rest of the pool to make the swim-up bar a dramatic focal point. 

You can include a shade structure in your swim-up bar to block sun rays. Simple things like a large patio umbrella work, but you can also add a pergola or pavilion. 

A smart Sun Lakes pool and spa remodeling help you have the swim-up bar of your dreams. There are no limits! It all depends on your needs and preferences.

Now that you know the basics of a swim-up bar, check the tips below if you want to design want.

Remember The Space

You must place your swim-up bar in shallow areas where the water level comes in at 30 or 40 inches. This way, your guests can sit partially submerged, but with the upper half of their body above water so they can enjoy snacks and drinks at the bar. 

You cannot place a swim-up bar in deeper water! It is almost impossible. The first thing to consider is the space, so take note of that when planning your project. 

Opt For Comfortable Seats

The height of the seat is crucial when designing a swim-up bar. Plus, you want to ensure you have comfortable seats. 

As mentioned before, swim-up bars are placed in shallow areas with no more than 42 inches of water. The seating should be built at the same height so the person sitting can be partially submerged. 

The countertop must be at least 6 inches above the coping of the pool. The Tempe pool builder should position the countertop high enough to offer knee room for people seated at the bar. 

Protect Your Guests From Sun Rays

We said it before, and we repeat it: You cannot forget sun protection. 

Think about shade when protecting your guests. Do you prefer to use an umbrella or trees? If you choose trees, remember they attract insects and lose their leaves, so you have to clean the pool more often. If you choose umbrellas, you won’t have issues with the cleaning, but you will have to buy the proper materials to offer the best UV protection.

Another option is to a grotto near your swim-up bar. It will provide shade without using trees or umbrellas. 

Safety Is Crucial

Safety should always come first with any pool-centric project. If you have kids, stock your bar with non-alcoholic drinks, or think design a swim-up bar they cannot go to. 

You should also ensure your guests drink responsibly. If you see any of your guests having too many drinks, ensure they stay out of the pool immediately to avoid accidents.

Work With Swimming Pool Builder Professionals

Unless you are an experienced architect or a Chandler swimming pool builder, you may want to contact a company that designs pools and spas with the best materials and workmen. Swim-up bars require specific details compared to other projects that may be easier. 

Do not attempt to build your swim-up bar, let the experts at True Blue Pools make the work for you. We have more than 30 years of experience thanks to our incredible service, so we will ensure you have the swim-up bar you deserve! Contact us now for more.


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