Free Form Pools

True Blue Pools | Arizona

Are you tired of boring, standard pools with blunt edges and dull shapes? Consider Free Form Pools with True Blue Pools. Sometimes we just want our pools to be unique and luxurious, and a standard rectangular lap pool is not the way to stand out from the crowd. But with free form pools, you will do just that. Our library of styles, sizes, and additional features will have you itching to dive in and start customizing your very own free form pool. The pool remodeling contractors at True Blue Pools can provide you with the pool remodeling services you need to achieve an updated look for your home’s pool.

Variety of Free Form Styles

Much like regular lap pools, Free Form pools are both refreshing and practical. But with Phoenix free form pools, you will have a unique, beautiful design that goes with any type of landscape. One benefit of these beautiful designs is that you can shape it around immovable landscape and architectural features. This allows for a gorgeous, unique design that fits in with your backyard. We specialize in many different designs such as negative edges. You do not need a standard rectangular pool to add this feature to yours. Adding the negative edge is a stunning, modern design that is sure to turn your pool into a dream. Also with free form pools, waterfalls and spas add elegance and class which was lacking. Free form pools turn the straight edges of a bland pool into something beautiful and artful.

Remodel or Build

Trust the experts at True Blue Pools to reshape, repair, and remodel your Tempe pool into one that you have been dreaming of. With our range of Phoenix pool building services, you will love every moment of your experience with us. Is the price tag the only thing stopping you from achieving a beautiful pool in the landscape of your home? We can help. With our special financing programs, we will find something that fits your budget. So come to True Blue Pools for all of our outstanding services. Contact our pool remodeling team or give us a call today at (480)-820-9495.