Which Pool Size Is Right For Your Home?

Choosing The Perfect Size Swimming Pool For Your Backyard

Pool size is often at the top of homeowners’ minds when purchasing a new swimming pool. Pool sizes can vary just as much as everything else in the pool industry, but it can still be hard to know which size pool is best for your backyard. This guide will discuss key things to consider when purchasing a swimming pool, including tips and tricks on choosing the right pool size!

With the help of a custom swimming pool builder in Chandler, you can select the perfect size of the swimming pool for you. But before contacting the experts, let’s take a look at this brief guide so you can have a better idea of where to start.

Perfect Size Swimming Pool

Consider The Amount Of Space You Have

Start by looking at your backyard and determining how much area you have available. Remember that you’ll need space for any additional elements you wish to include, such as a patio, firepits, or an outdoor kitchen. Also, decide if you’ll add any landscaping or want to keep the grass in your yard.

Some areas may have residential pool restrictions that place size limits on pools. These regulations can differ by city or even neighborhood, so do your homework.

Do You Have Any Space Restrictions?

Look for any restrictions that limit the place to put the pool. You can do this while you assess your available area. It could include any landscaping that you want to maintain in place, fences, property lines, and overhead electrical connections. 

If your patio already exists, you’ll need to decide whether you want to install your pool on top of it or design a brand-new area from scratch.

Remember you can contact a trusted custom swimming pool builder in Sun Lakes to ensure the best results when designing your pool project.

The Purpose Of Your Pool

Consider the primary reasons for wanting a pool when choosing the ideal pool size for your property. The general function of the pool can help you limit your choices for pool size and style, from hosting large parties to swimming laps.

If you’re thinking of swim laps, you might need a larger rectangular pool instead of a small circled one. If your top priorities are entertaining guests and offering aesthetics, you can choose a medium-sized pool with cozy fire elements and waterfalls. You can also opt for a smaller pool to make room for a sizable patio and many lounge chairs.

Before planning your pool design, you need to be sincere about the reason for having the pool. It’s not the same as wanting a pool to relax as wanting it to throw parties every weekend. 

Who Will Use Your Pool?

Following the previous consideration, you also need to analyze who will use your pool, especially if you have a big family. 

If the pool is mostly used by adults, you’ll have a lot more leeway in selecting a pool size. However, remember to always talk to a custom swimming pool builder in Tempe to ensure the right size when designing the pool. 

If you have children or intend to entertain younger guests, you may want to consider a pool with a shallow wading area and/or a beach entry. 

If you’ll be entertaining many people often, a larger pool with shallow and deep ends will allow you to comfortably accommodate everyone.

How Often Will You Use The Swimming Pool?

Another consideration is the frequency of use. This will affect the amount of pool maintenance required. 

Humans, pets, insects, and other debris can make your pool useless, so consider maintenance when determining the best pool size for your needs. A high-quality swimming pool with a reliable pool builder will provide you with longevity and stability. 

Using strong and secure materials like fiberglass and concrete will help you get the most out of your pool while reducing pool maintenance efforts.

Which Is Your Budget For Your Pool Project?

When thinking about the size of your pool project, long-term budgeting is often essential. 

Pools cost money to install, operate, and maintain, so there’s no perfect number when planning long-term pool maintenance. It’s best to base your costs on your usage, location, and maintenance plan agreed upon with your Tempe custom swimming pool builder. 

Other costs include general pool upkeep, covers, fencing, chemicals, cleaning, and other services.

That is why you should consider what pool size or design will work best for your budget.

Many finance companies specialize in outdoor living projects, which can help you reduce your upfront costs for your pool project. This type of financing can provide you with the pool you want while freeing up funds for pool maintenance and other pool-related expenses in the long run.

Get In Touch With Top-Rated Pool Builders In Tempe

Choosing the ideal pool size necessitates striking a balance between function, maintenance, and aesthetic appeal. If you’re still unsure about what you require, our team of custom pool builders is here to help. Get in touch with True Blue Pools today to set up a consultation. 

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