Energy Efficient Variable Speed Pool Pumps are the Way to Go

In 2012, Arizona adopted Title 44 which states that new pools or the replacement of an existing circulation pump requires a variable speed or a two speed pump to be installed. This type of pump can have a big impact on the pool’s performance and on how much you pay to maintain the pool. At True Blue Pools, we recommend that our clients choose a variable-speed pool pump, which is much more energy efficient and offers substantial cost savings. Two speed pumps are not as efficient and limit you to the two programmed speeds set by the manufacturer.

Whether you are installing a new pool or thinking about upgrading your current pool, here are a few other reasons why you should consider a variable-speed pool pump:

Energy Savings

Your energy savings are two-fold when you use a variable-speed pool pump: You will not only conserve energy to reduce your environmental impact, but you will also save money on your energy costs. You achieve these savings by programming the pump to work at different speeds for different tasks, such as routine filtering or more intensive cleaning. A single-speed pump would use the same power for all tasks, which may be more than is necessary for some activities.

Your energy savings depend on what kind of pump you get. Some pumps claim to reduce your pool’s energy consumption by up to 80 percent, saving you hundreds of dollars per year. Those savings will only compound over the life of the pump.

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Longer Life Span

Variable-speed pool pumps do not have to work as hard, so they run cooler. That means that they will also last longer. You won’t have to deal with the aggravation of replacing or repairing your pump as frequently and you’ll save even more money in the long run as a result.

Quieter Operation

Because variable-speed pool pumps don’t have to work as hard, they also don’t make as much noise. You can enjoy a relaxing day lounging by the pool without having to worry about the annoying rattle of your pool pump. You’ll never even know it’s there.

Lower Investment

True Blue Pools is ready to help you install a variable-speed pool pump in your Arizona pool. Call us today at (480) 820-9495 to learn more about how variable-speed pool pumps can help you save money on your electric bill and can offer you more benefits than traditional pumps. We have been helping residents throughout the greater Phoenix, Arizona area save money on beautiful pools for nearly three decades. In addition to helping you install your new pump, we can also talk to you about upgrading other features of your pool to create the design you want. Imagine a beautiful waterfall or landscaping around your pool. You can create an oasis right in your backyard. True Blue Pools can make it happen.

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