The Top Five Ways to Spruce up Your Mesa Pool Without Breaking Into (Financial) Sweat!

Top 5 Ways To Spruce Up Your Mesa Swimming Pool

The Top Five Ways to Spruce up Your Mesa Pool Without Breaking Into (Financial) Sweat!
There are many frugal ways to achieve big changes for your pool on a smaller budget!
Mesa, Arizona

As a consequence of the economic downturn of the last decade, Mesa homeowners have been staying in their homes longer, enjoying what they had, while trying to live a more budget friendly lifestyle. Part of this new way of thinking is to not always crave new things, but improve the ones, you already have. Your Mesa pool, for example, might be a bit outdated or you might simply have grown tired of its look, but you do not want to break the bank by doing a major remodel. However, there are many frugal ways to achieve big changes for your pool on a smaller budget.

Install LED lighting

Probably the cheapest and most effective way to alter the appearance of your pool is with the installation of LED lighting. It can be installed in place of your old pool light. LED lights have many different colors and light shows to have a drastic impact on the visual presentation of your pool.

Replace Waterline Tile

New or updated waterline tile can dramatically change the appearance of your pool and almost give you the feeling of owning a new pool. Decorative or glass tiles, are more fun to look at, but of course, also more expensive. Consider your budget and then decide how fancy you want to go.

Deck or Pool Resurfacing

If you are operating on a limited budget, you probably want to only do one or the other. Both might use all of your budget, but also will be absolutely worth it. Coatings applied to your pool deck are available in a variety of colors and are often mixed with particles that will prevent slipping on the wet deck. If your pool surface is currently traditional plaster, have it resurfaced with an aggregate finish which not only looks fabulous, but is also a very durable option.

Variable Speed Pool Pump

Nobody can enjoy playing in their pool, if maintenance costs you an arm and a leg. As one of the more practical updates, consider having True Blue Pools install a variable speed pool pump into your Mesa pool. The pump will save you money on operating costs and will pay for itself quickly. SRP as well as APS have been offering rebates for Mesa residents upgrading their pool pumps.

Salt Water System Upgrade

Consider switching to a saltwater system. Yes, it may sound more expensive than the other options, but the fact that it is easier on eyes, skin, and hair and that you do not have to handle and add chlorine anymore, is another big plus. The cost saving shows itself in the fact that saltwater pools are cheaper to maintain than their regular chlorinated counterparts.No matter what upgrade you will decide on, it sure is going to make a big splash at your next pool get-together. If you are unsure and need further assistance or ideas, the pool experts at True Blue Pools, are eager to answer your call and all your questions.

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