Top Pool Remodeling Trends for the Summer of 2017

Is your pool looking a little dull and uninspiring? It’s probably time for a remodel. Summers can be unbearable in Arizona, so having a pool that you enjoy is essential to getting through it. You can cool off and relax in your own backyard, letting the cares of the world melt away. But if you have a pool that you hate, being there can increase your stress instead.

Top pool remodeling trends for the summer of 2017

Before you remodel your pool, take some time to learn about some of the latest trends to learn about the wonderful things that are possible for your pool. Your pool designer will help you fine tune your vision later with details that will work for your pool and your home.

Here are some of the top remodeling trends we’re seeing for the summer:

Beautiful LED Lighting

LED lighting is a popular choice for pool lighting

Adding lighting to your pool can instantly create an air of sophistication around it. Add colored lighting or programmed lights that come on and off according to a pattern, creating a virtual light show, and you’ve got something truly special. Plus, lighting makes it easier (and safer) to swim at night.

LED lighting is a popular choice for pool lighting because it is energy efficient. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on energy bills to make your pool look stylish.

Interesting Fire Features

Why settle for having a fire pit next to your pool? Imagine how stunning it would look sitting right in the middle of your pool. Wow your guests and create a meditative center to your pool by putting in fire features like a decorative fire pit or torches. You can also have a grill built into your pool side so that you can serve guests right in the water.

Bountiful Water Features

Water features are beautiful in pools

Water features are just as beautiful as fire features in a pool. Some popular water features right now include small waterfalls, sprays, fountains, and jets. Water features can be placed just about anywhere in or around the pool. For example, sprays can shoot up around a statue in the middle of the pool, or a few of them can line the sides of the pool. The type and placement of the water features will have a huge impact on the overall pool design.

Disappearing Knife Edge

Disappearing knife edge look great in any home

Most pools end with a concrete border. But some pools have what’s known as a “knife edge,” in which the water appears to flow right into the horizon. What actually happens is that the water flows over a small edge into a drain. But it looks like the water has no border.

You will need to have the right landscape to make a knife edge possible. The custom pool contractors in San Tan Valley will survey your property and let you know if it’s possible to add a knife edge to your pool and what modifications are necessary, if so.

Sophisticated Color Choices

Darker colored surface pools are in right now

Darker colored surfaces are in right now, partly because they create a luxurious, sophisticated look for the pool. Forget about shades of aqua or turquoise – the trend now is to border or tile your pool in colors like navy and emerald. The darker colors also have practical purposes: They hide stains and dirt, and they retain more heat from the sun, which means that you spend less on keeping your pool warm.

The Natural Look

Pools often look like they are designed. They are surrounded by a lot of concrete, and they have a geometric design like a rectangle or a perfect oval. The latest trends reject this designed look in favor of a more natural vibe. Some pools are even designed to look like natural bodies of water.

Unique hardscaping is essential to creating a more natural look for a pool, and that includes using plenty of rocks (not cut stones), xeriscaping, and even some water features. Greenery can also be used strategically in and around the pool to achieve this natural look.

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In-Water Features

Most of the time, you don’t really want to get out of the water once you’re in it. Not only will you quickly become so hot that you’re sweating in the Arizona sun, but you don’t want to alternate getting dry and getting wet over and over.

Trends for pool design keep as many activities in the water as possible. For example, tanning ledges allow you to lie in just a couple of inches of water on the pool’s edge. Or ledge loungers let you stretch out and relax while still dangling your hands or feet in the water. These are easy features to add during pool remodeling, so they are especially popular choices.

Sloped Entryways

A lot of pools are now being designed with a sloped entryway

If you have small children, the typically three-foot entryway of a standard pool is still too deep. A lot of pools are now being designed with a sloped entryway, also known as a “zero entry.” There can be as little as six inches to a foot of water for several feet, and the depth gently increases. Kids will have plenty of room to swim and play while also staying safe.

You’ll need to have a fairly large pool to have a sloped entryway, or you’ll need to be able to expand your pool to make it larger.

Your pool is such a wonderful asset for your Arizona home, so you should design it to look and function exactly the way you want it to. If your pool is looking dull or just seems uninspiring, consider investing in hiring a San Tan pool remodeling contractor this summer.

True Blue Pools is a top pool remodeling company in Arizona. We install water and fire features, advanced LED lighting systems, pool automation software, and many of the design features included here. Our designers will inspect your pool and property, then talk with you about your vision and what’s possible based on your landscape. We’ll help you explore options that fit your budget and then discuss a timeline that meets your goals while still leaving time to enjoy your pool for the summer. Call us today to start planning your dream pool!

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