4 Advantages of a Baja Spa Step in Your Swimming Pool

If you are considering pool remodeling, or you are planning your new swimming pool construction, you might want to consider adding a Baja step. A Baja step, or shelf, is a ledge that can be built along the side of your pool or even in the middle of your pool. It can sit just a few inches below the water’s surface, or it can be a foot or so below the surface. The ledge allows you to sit in the cool water without immersing yourself all the way.

The Baja step is also sometimes called a tanning ledge, sun shelf, or lounge ledge. Talk to your Paradise Valley pool builder about how to add one to your pool. You’ll enjoy these four advantages if you do: 

4 Advantages of a Baja Spa Step in Your Swimming Pool

An Extra Place to Relax

You don’t always want to sit in the pool, nor do you always want to sit on the side of the pool in the hot sun. Sometimes, you want to lounge, but you want just enough water to cool you down without soaking you or getting cold. You can sit in just a bit of water and relax. 

You can even add a patio umbrella to the area to keep the sun out. Just talk to your Tempe pool builder  about adding a sleeve to the ledge. You’ll be able to put the umbrella directly over the area you want to lounge. You’ll enjoy the ultimate in relaxation by the waterside. 

A Safe Place for the Kids

Small children may love to play in the pool, but they may not be able to swim for long periods. The Baja step can give them a save place to relax. They can sit there instead of on the steps, where they will block the entry and exit.

The Baja step can also be a nice spot for children who are still anxious about being in the pool and want a place to play that feels safer. Just make sure you use non-slip materials for the ledge. 

A Safe Place for Pets

If you have a dog, they might love to swim in the pool. Instead of slapping a life jacket on your dog, you can give them free reign of the pool and a safe spot to relax with a Baja step. Your dog can swim up to the ledge whenever he is feeling too tired from the swim.

Other dogs or pets can just relax on the ledge if they want to cool down but aren’t as excited about a full swim. 

A Nice Decorative Element

A Baja step doesn’t have to be merely functional. It also presents an opportunity to add a nice, decorative element to your pool. You can choose different tile or stone for the ledge to set it apart from the rest of the pool. You can make it look like a small grotto, or you can decorate it with a unique mosaic. You have numerous possibilities. 

Considerations When Choosing a Baja Step

You can add a Baja step to your pool if you are remodeling, or you can include one in a new pool build. There are considerations you’ll need to discuss with your pool builder before you can move forward. 

New pool builds allow for more flexibility. So long as you have space in your yard for a pool large enough to accommodate a Baja step, you’ll have no trouble. You will need to account for a little extra in the budget to add in the step. Prices vary according to size and design, so talk to your Phoenix pool builder.

If you are remodeling your pool, you will need to have a pool large enough to accommodate adding a Baja step. Typically, it would make the most sense to add the step if you are already re-plastering or refinishing your pool’s surface. If your pool is not large enough to include the step, you could also consider adding it to the exterior of the pool and blending it. That would require tearing up the pool deck or patio and having enough space in your yard where you want to add the step. 

Adding a Baja step is just one of many things you can do to update the look of your pool and to enhance your enjoyment of it. You can choose from a variety of other features to create the pool you’ve always wanted, including waterfalls, jets, underwater lighting, a fire pit, rock features, and beautiful decks and patios. Talk to a custom swimming pool builder about the options for the pool you already have or the one you want to build. 

True Blue Pools is a trusted contractor of custom-designed pools in Tempe. We specialize in both new pool builds and pool remodeling. We can build the pool of your dreams, or we can transform your pool to make it what you always wanted. We also perform routine touchups like pool resurfacing. Call us in Tempe today to make an appointment with a custom swimming pool builder and start talking through the design for your pool.

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