Summer Fun Pool Safety Tips

Summer is heating up, and it is prime time for people to want to jump in the swimming pool. You may already have a pool that you want to restart or even remodel, or you may be thinking about calling a pool builder to design a new pool for your home. While you are doing all this, you should also be thinking about the safety of your pool.

Accidents can happen, but when you have a well-maintained pool and the right safety measures in place, you can reduce the risk of accidents in your pool. Here are a few things you can do to ensure that your pool offers nothing but summer fun:

Summer Fun Pool Safety Tips

Install a Fence or Cover

You should have a fence around your pool to keep people (and animals) out when there is no supervision. The fence doesn’t have to line the very edge of the pool – it can encircle the general pool area, which includes the patio or deck.

The fence should be a minimum of four feet, but you should consider going higher, and it should not have any spaces that allow children or animals to slip inside. There should be no holes or gaps in the fence that allow a foothold or handhold to climb the fence. The fence should have a self-closing gate and a strong latch. It should also be locked when not in use.

Consider also getting a pool cover that will keep people and animals from falling into the water when the pool is not in use. You can have these and other safety elements installed when you are remodeling or installing your new pool. Talk to your pool builder about the options to keep the pool safe while also creating a pleasing design.

Secure Gates and Doors

A fence is no good if it isn’t secure. You must have a strong lock on the gate, and it should not be easy for your children to open. There should be a key that only you have or a combination that only you know. Consider also adding a gate alarm so that you know when anyone comes into the area.

Secure doors that lead outside also, such as by putting a baby proof cover on your back door or a high lock that your children can’t reach.

Inspect Pool Drains and Covers

Pool drains can have strong suction to keep the pool clean and clear. Unfortunately, that strong suction can pull in swimmers, making it hard for them to keep their heads above water or causing other injury. You can reduce this risk by putting an appropriate cover over your drain. Talk to your pool builder about the right type of drain to reduce the risk of injury without also reducing the effectiveness of the drain.

Also hire a pool professional regularly to inspect the drain and ensure that it is working properly and doesn’t have any damage that could cause injury.

Maintain the Pool

Over time, your pool can break down with age or neglect. The surface is particularly vulnerable, as it can break down or chip away, leaving sharp edges that can cause cuts, abrasions, and other injuries. Talk to a pool resurfacing professional to inspect and upgrade your pool’s surface as needed.

Talk to a pool professional about other maintenance that needs to be performed. You’ll reduce the risk of injuries in your pool and you’ll save money on unnecessary repairs over time.

Maintain Chemical Levels

Improper chemical levels in your pool can also cause injury. You need chlorine to kill bacteria in your pool, but too much of it can cause chemical burns, skin irritation, and even illness. In extreme cases, too much of the wrong chemicals can even lead to a fire near your pool. With a pool professional to maintain the proper chemical levels for your pool.

Of course, the chemicals themselves must also be stored properly. If children or animals got into the containers, they could become seriously ill or even die. The chemicals are also a fire hazard. Make sure you store them properly, and keep them behind locked doors.

Create Safety Rules and Enforce Them

Kids love to get wild in the pool. They may jump off high edges into the pool, they may jump on each other in the water, or they may splash and play rough. All of these things can lead to injury. You need to develop strict safety rules for the pool and enforce them consistently.

Tell your children what the rules are clearly, such as not jumping off the edge or not playing near the drain. You should also consider typing up a list of pool rules and posting them nearby for whenever you have visitors over to your house. Make sure you explain the rules to anyone who visits your pool also. You are liable for any injuries that happen in your pool. Helping everyone understand the safety rules will reduce the risk of injury.

Your pool can be a great place to entertain and to cool off in the hot, summer sun. But it can also be a dangerous place if the right safety measures are not followed. Develop some effective safety rules and work with a pool professional to keep your pool in good repair and to protect it. You’ll reduce the chances of an accident and you’ll be able to truly enjoy the water.

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