Reducing Your Pool Costs with Energy-Efficient Upgrades

Tips To make your Pool More Energy-Efficient

Maintaining a pool can be expensive. But the benefits of having a pool and being able to enjoy a cool and relaxing swim any time you want is well worth it. Fortunately, there are many ways that you can bring down the cost of your pool maintenance without sacrificing the look or the functionality of any of the features.

In particular, you can reduce costs by making your pool more energy-efficient. There are a few things you can do on your own, and there are a few things you should work with a pool and spa remodeling specialist on changing or upgrading. Here are a few things you can do to make your pool more energy-efficient and to lower costs:

Reducing Your Pool Costs with Energy-Efficient Upgrades

Use a Pool Cover

You lose a lot of water in your pool to evaporation. In Tempe, the water loss is expedited by the year-round sunny days and the hot temperatures. Having to refill that water and then reheat or re-cool it to the appropriate temperatures will take up a lot of energy.
You can reduce water loss by installing a pool cover. Always put the cover on when the pool is not in use, and you’ll see a significant reduction in water loss.

Use Efficient Pool Equipment

Your pool pump, heater, and water filter all use a lot of energy. You can save on energy costs – and make your home more environmentally friendly – by installing energy-efficient equipment. Talk to your Chandler pool builder or remodeler to get recommendations for equipment that will provide the functionality you need for your pool while also using less energy.

Run Your System during Off-Peak Hours

When everyone else is on the grid and using energy, the costs per hour will be higher. You can lower your energy costs by running your pool equipment during off-peak hours, or the times that fewer people are using energy. Typically, these hours are between 8 p.m. and 10 a.m. You can put your equipment on a timer so that it only runs during these hours.

Switch to LED Lighting

Incandescent lighting uses up much more energy than LED lighting. Using them in and around your pool can save you up to $100 per year on energy, depending on how much lighting you have. In addition to being energy-efficient, LED lighting is also stylish and trendy. You can elevate the look of your pool by adding it.

Choose the Right Finish

The color of your pool can also influence how it uses energy. For example, if your pool has a lighter color, like most pools do, it will reflect the rays of the sun. Then you will have to run a heater more frequently to raise the temperature of the pool. By choosing a darker color for your pool’s finish, you’ll be able to naturally heat up your water and save on energy costs.

Keep Out Debris

Leaves, pine needles, and other debris will fall in your pool frequently. They can all clog up your drains, and that can make your pump have to work harder, which will use up more energy. You can reduce your energy costs by keeping your pool free of debris.

The more of these things you do, the more you can save on your energy costs. You should also work with a Chandler pool remodeling specialist to talk through other ways to reduce energy based on the specific characteristics of your pool and your yard.

The pool and spa remodeling experts at True Blue Pools would be happy to help you figure out what changes to make to your pool to make it more energy-efficient. We can also remodel your pool to make it more beautiful or to add new features that will enhance your enjoyment of it, such as tanning ledges or float-up bars. We can completely transform your pool. If you don’t yet have a pool, a custom swimming pool builder from our team would be happy to design your perfect pool. Call True Blue Pools in Tempe to schedule an appointment with a custom swimming pool builder.


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