How to Get the Most Out of Your Swimming Pool

Do you have a Tempe new pool build, or a Tempe pool remodel project happening in your backyard? If so, you are likely already looking forward to all the neighborhood hangouts, backyard barbecues, and birthday parties that will be happening in your custom designed pool in Tempe. However, owning a pool is not all just fun and games; rather, there are some big responsibilities that go along with it. Our expert Tempe pool builders have compiled a few ways to help you maximize your pool and get the most out of it. 

Beautiful swimming pool and spa

1.Learn About Your Pool

You may be tempted to just toss away the owner’s manual to your pool as soon as the Tempe swimming pool construction is over, so you can just jump in and start enjoying the cool water. However, expert  pool builders in Tempe strongly recommend reading the manual and learning about your new equipment, discover how to check the water chemistry and balance it, and learn about a proper maintenance schedule. Though you may have past experience, remember that every pool is different, and it is well worth your investment to learn all that you can about your new pool. 

2.Clean Your Pool Consistently

The biggest mistake a pool owner can make is to shirk their pool cleaning responsibilities. This includes duties such as checking your water pH levels, cleaning and replacing filters, unclogging drains, and cleaning your pool regularly. You will also need to remove any debris to avoid bacteria buildup, regularly check the pool chemical levels, and ensure the floor of the pool is consistently vacuumed with a specialty robotic or manual machine. 

Your Mesa pool and spa remodeling project is a big financial investment, and following through on your cleaning responsibilities will ensure that your pool gives you a return for your money. Consistent maintenance and regular cleaning will extend the longevity of your backyard pool, allowing for many years of fun and enjoyment in your future!

3.Learn How to Save Money With Your Pool

Pools can be quite expensive to install and maintain, so learn everything you can about making cost-effective and economical decisions about the energy your pool uses. Turn off the pool lights when not in use, keep your pool cover clean and free of debris, turn off the water heater during the intense Arizona summer season, and run the pool pump overnight while not in use to keep the water clear. 

Additionally, expert Tempe custom swimming pool builders highly recommend setting aside a small budget for emergencies. Just like with houses, having an emergency budget in place for pool repairs will help you be prepared for any potential, unexpected damages from rough use, inclement weather, and more. 

4.Enjoy It Safely

Finally, enjoy your pool and get your money’s worth out of it! While doing so, be sure to place a heavy emphasis on pool safety guidelines. Always supervise children while they are swimming, no running around the pool, and ALWAYS lock the pool gates to avoid any unfortunate accidents. This is especially important if you often have friends or neighbors over for pool parties; always be sure every guest is aware of your family’s specific pool rules. 

Owning a pool is a big investment, and brings with it a ton of fun and many responsibilities. To ensure you get the best of the best pool installation, Tempe pool resurfacing, or backyard pool remodeling crew, contact True Blue Pools today. As a highly experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable pool contractor, True Blue Pools carries excellent ratings and affordable services. To learn more about your pool and how to get the most out of it, contact the builders at True Blue Pools at (480) 820-9495!

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