How Outdoor Pool Lighting Can Enhance Your Experience

Enjoying an evening swim with a spouse or friends is one of the best ways to take advantage of a cool Tempe pool remodel on a hot evening. Having custom outdoor lights around your Tempe new pool build can make that evening swim exponentially more fun in many ways. Apart from the obvious reason that you can actually see better while swimming and use your pool at whatever time of day you want, lights around your custom designed pool in Tempe allow for a much safer and more enhanced swimming experience. Here are a few ways to get the most out of your outdoor lighting.

Beatiful outside custom pool lighting

Choosing Your Pool Lighting

The type of lighting you choose for your Mesa swimming pool construction project will have a direct impact on the overall ambiance and aesthetic of your backyard and finished pool. You can use lights to highlight features such as walkways, paths, seating, spa areas, hot tub, fireplaces, diving boards, and so much more. Whatever area making your specific pool unique should be well-lit to create a focused effect. 

Installation Tips

Once you have decided exactly which areas you want to be lit, you will need to calculate how much lighting is necessary. This number will be determined by the type of lights you choose and the “spread” of light they give off. Keep in mind that the light spread is influenced by both the type of lights and the amount of reflection from the pool. A general rule of thumb is to install LED lights with a spread of about 15-20 feet; however, your pool may need more or less lights depending on these extra factors:

  • Pool Shape: An irregularly shaped pool requires nearly perfect light positioning to ensure that it looks attractive while providing enough light in all areas for safe swimming.
  • Pool Material: If your Mesa pool builders used a darker material inside the pool, you will need lights placed more frequently due to the low reflection level. The brighter the interior material, the more reflective the pool will be.

Hire a Professional

Whether you are still in the initial stages of pool planning and construction, or are simply remodeling an existing pool, a qualified professional can assess your plans and make appropriate recommendations regarding the type of lighting that will be best for your situation. Tempe custom swimming pool builders will also be able to provide accurate information regarding the electrical aspect of lighting.

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