5 Things to Remember to Keep Your Pool Intact

Tips to Maintain the Integrity of Your Swimming Pool.

Whether your winter consists of heavy snow, or no snow at all, winter pool maintenance is still a must. Taking regular care and maintenance of your Tempe new pool build will ensure that your pool is ready to open again in the spring, even if you never experience freezing temperatures. Additionally, you will save money by preventing damage to your pool from freezing temperatures or contaminated water. Here are a few basic things to remember for keeping your custom designed pool in Tempe intact through the winter season.

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Cover the Pool

In cooler climates, pool winterizing begins as soon as the overnight temperatures begin to drop lower than usual. Purchasing a high-quality pool cover to protect your pool from debris, snow, and animals is a wise choice for every pool owner.

Keep your pool cover in excellent condition by ensuring it is securely attached to your pool. For above ground pools, this may mean inflating the air pillow, tightening the cables, and securing the clips. For inground pools, this means ensuring all water blocks are secured and safety components in place.

It is also important to remove any debris or excess water off the pool cover, and use a roof rake to pull any accumulated snow off the cover throughout the winter. Excess weight from accumulated snow can cause damage to the cover, especially with above ground pools.

Take Care of the Parts

The more maintenance you perform on the pool parts and accessories, the better the pool will run. No matter the climate you live in, your pool parts require maintenance to stay running as they should. This includes checking the pool pump, cleaning the filter, and maintaining the heater periodically to ensure everything is running appropriately and efficiently. Remove any excess water buildup, especially from inside the pipes. Water left in the pipes will freeze in the winter temperatures, causing the pool pipes to crack and need replacement in the spring.

Check the Chemistry

Because your Phoenix swimming pool does not need to be fully drained for winter, it is vital to check the water chemistry. A chemically balanced pool will prevent any algae growth, bacteria growth, and waterline appearance from occurring, and ultimately make the pool opening process in the spring much simpler for you.

When not in use, check your pool chemistry approximately every two months. Be sure to throw away any extra pool chemicals from previous seasons; the fresher your chemicals, the more effective they will be. Find a high-quality enzyme product to help break down any contamination and prevent water lines from appearing. This will ensure that no scrubbing is needed when your pool is reopened in the spring. Lastly, if you live in a warmer climate such as Arizona, do not neglect your pool water chemistry. It is just as critical to maintain a healthy chemical balance to avoid contamination and bacteria growth.

Setup Freeze Alerts

Fluctuating temperatures that hover around the freezing mark can easily cause a cracked pipe or a leak in the pool liner. If you live in an area that sees freezing winter temperatures, consider using a digital timer with a temperature sensor that will notify you when temperatures drop. You also have the option to set alerts on your phone through certain weather apps, so you can prepare your pool ahead of time for icy temperatures.

Clean the Pool Thoroughly

Lastly, before closing and covering your pool for the winter, Tempe custom swimming pool builders highly recommend performing a thorough deep clean of your pool. Ensuring that the pool has been cleaned, scrubbed, and chemistry rebalanced will make your life much easier when the pool is reopened in the spring. Putting the cover on a pool that has algae growth and floating debris means that when spring arrives, your pool will be ten times worse and your to-do list will have grown significantly. Do yourself a favor and spend time cleaning the pool before closing it up for the winter ahead.

Hire a Professional Pool Builder

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