Small Pools In Tiny Backyards: Can It Work?

Arizona’s Experienced Pool Designers Give Advice On Mini Pools In Small Backyards

Huge backyards are becoming a thing of the past. Real estate has been steadily rising across the Phoenix Area, and homes that come with a bigger backyard come at a premium. If you have a smaller backyard, as so many other homes across the area do, you may feel like your options are limited – but they’re not. You just need to get a little creative to have the things that you want for the space.

If you are thinking of adding a swimming pool to beat the Arizona heat every summer, you just need to talk to a custom swimming pool builder. An experienced pool builder will help you create the right design to highlight and take advantage of the best features in your yard. Here are a few things you can do with the right pool designer and the right pool:

Beautiful Small Pool In A Small Backyard In Arizona

Create An Intimate Space

Your pool is a collection of features that should be designed to work together. It is not just a hole in the ground filled with water. It can have many features, including a beautiful deck or patio, tanning ledges, water features, stone features, a fire pit, aesthetic lighting, and more.

Your pool builder can create a design that will bring together these features to create an intimate space for your yard. You’ll have more than just a pool – you’ll have a space to visit with friends and family, to relax after a long day, and to enjoy a beautiful view. Talk with your pool designer about what would work best in your space to make the biggest impact.

Add Luxury To Your Life

Think outside the box when creating your new pool. You can go big with your choices, if not with the actual space. For example, you could create a large, accent wall next to your pool made of marble or other high-end stone, and you could put a small waterfall or fire feature in a recess in the wall. Other options for a luxurious look include a large fire pit, a big stone feature (like a faux waterfall), carefully selected accent lighting, and a variety of water features.

Your pool designer can show you how these or other features would look in your backyard with 3D design software or sketches.

Get The Exercise You Need

You don’t need an Olympic-sized swimming pool to get a pool that offers you opportunities for great exercise. You can put a lap pool in a small backyard, as well. The pool may just be long and narrow, giving you the chance to swim laps back and forth.

Your custom pool builder can help you understand the best options for your pool shape and size, based on the layout of your yard. You may be surprised by what kind of options are available to help you stay fit and healthy.

Your small backyard is not a deterrent for getting the pool you want. There are many ways to create a beautiful pool that enhances the space and gives you many years of enjoyment with family and friends. Talk to a custom swimming pool builder about how to make the most of your landscape. Your pool builder can help you see the possibilities in your landscape and can create a pool that you will love. You can even add features that will make your pool more beautiful and more luxurious than what you may find in homes that have the largest backyards.

The professional pool builders at True Blue Pools are ready to help you get the pool of your dreams for your Tempe home. We can build a pool from scratch, or we can remodel the pool you already have. We specialize in pool and spa remodeling for all size pools and all landscapes. We can design and implement all aspects of the pool build, including the hardscaping surrounding the pool, special water features, aesthetic lighting, fire features, and more. We’ll spend time learning about what you want in your pool, and then we’ll make recommendations for how to achieve the look and feel you want. We’ll work with you through every stage of the process to ensure results you’ll love. Call us in Tempe today at 480-820-9495 to talk with a custom swimming pool builder and learn more.


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