Start to Finish: Average Length Of The Pool Building Process

What To Expect From Professional Custom Swimming Pool Building Services

Getting a new pool is an exciting prospect! You can have unlimited hours of fun and relaxation in the crystal blue waters. You can create a beautiful entertaining space for your home, and you can elevate the curb appeal and value of your home.

When you make the decision to invest in a new pool for your Tempe home, you are likely ready to see the project be finished as quickly as possible. But when you talk to a custom swimming pool builder, you’ll learn that the process will take a little longer than that. Here’s what to expect:

Beautiful Custom Pool Built In Tempe, Arizona

Custom Pool Design

The first thing you will do is design your pool. Your pool builder will talk to you about the things you’d like to have in your pool and will inspire you by sharing some of the things that are possible. You’ll work closely to design the overall look and functionality of the pool, including everything from how deep the pool will be to whether it will have custom features like water fountains or lights.

Depending on your pool builder’s schedule and how much exploring you do with the design, this process will take anywhere from one to four weeks.

Pool Permits

Now that you know what design the pool will take, the pool builder will have to draw pool permits to get local permissions to begin building it. This process can be fast or slow, depending on what other kind of requests officials are currently reviewing. If they are backed up, you could wait as long as six weeks for a permit. If things go smoothly, expect to wait about two weeks.

Pool Excavation

The first step in building your pool is digging the hole. It’s a rather large and deep one, so don’t expect a few guys to show up with shovels. Heavy equipment will be used to excavate the hole, which may require digging through heavy clay and large rocks. This process should only take about a week, but it can take longer if your pool builder hits any obstacles – such as an underground lake or a rock vein – or if there is a backlog on the equipment.

Plumbing, Electrical, and Steel Work

A lot of infrastructure lies beneath a pool’s concrete surface. Your Phoenix pool builder has to route a lot of plumbing lines that will be used to drain your pool and run the pump. Electrical work must be run to the pump, the filter, any heating elements, any lighting elements, and any other special features, such as a fountain. Finally, steel reinforcement will be installed throughout the exterior of the pool.

You might think this process would take a very long time, but it typically only takes one to two weeks. The crew will be working diligently on your pool, and they will be working in an open space.

Pool Shell

What type of pool you choose will determine what happens at this stage. If you have a gunite or plaster pool, the material will be sprayed and smoothed over the steel frame. If you have a vinyl or fiberglass pool, the liner will be installed into the space.

Vinyl or fiberglass pools take the shortest time at this stage – usually about a week – while gunite and plastered pools take the longest – usually about three weeks.

Deck, Landscaping, and Custom Features

When the pool itself is completed, the finishing touches have to be applied. Now is the time that the pool deck will be installed and the landscaping features added, such as bushes or flowers planted along the pool edge. If you have custom features like a fire pit or lighting, these would be installed at this stage also.

The time frame for the final stage depends upon the options you have chosen. However, you can expect this finishing stage to last anywhere from one to four weeks.

Overall, you can expect your pool to take anywhere from eight to 12 weeks to build, from the planning stages to the finishing touches. The definite timeline will depend a great deal on the details you choose for your pool and the characteristics of your landscape. Your Scottsdale custom pool builder will give you a more concrete timeline based on what you discuss.

Hire A Professional Pool Builder

If you are ready to start building your dream pool, call True Blue Pools in Tempe to start working with a custom swimming pool builder. We are experts in new pool builds and in pool and spa remodeling. We can bring your dream pool to life, or we can renovate a pool that is already on your property and make it look the way you want. Call us in Tempe to schedule a consultation with a custom swimming pool builder today.


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