Top 5 Swimming Pool Features to Consider during a Remodel

Your pool isn’t a static fixture in your backyard. Consider it as malleable as the water inside it. You can resurface the pool when it’s starting to look worn, or you can call a pool contractor to completely remodel the pool, giving it a new look and new features. The sky’s the limit (or, at least, your budget is).

Don’t give up on your pool if it’s looking a little beaten up or you’ve just become bored with its style. Talk to a custom swimming pool builder, and consider these top five features for a swimming pool remodel:

Swiming Pool

Safety Features

Typically, the only way that people make their pools safe is to monitor them or to put a fence around them. But there are more options available that can make your pool safer so that you can breathe easier that your family is protected and you can minimize your liability for friends or neighbors.

Some safety features you might consider include pool covers, railings, additional ladders, and even a pool alarm. You can put an alarm around your pool, and you can put an alarm on your house to let you know when someone enters the backyard. Each of these working together can ensure that no one gets into the pool who’s not supposed to or without you knowing about it.

New Tile

Your pool likely has tile inside it or around accent areas, such as the top border or the stairs. Replacing this tile – or adding it if there is none – can dramatically change the look of your pool. Simply adding the tile can make your pool look more elegant and sophisticated. The type of tile, including the color, shape, and pattern, can influence the style of your pool.

Work with your pool and spa remodeling contractor to explore the options for the tile and how they might look on your pool. Your contractor can make recommendations to suit the type and shape of pool you have while also fulfilling your vision for the space.

New Deck

The area around a pool is just as important as the pool itself. You may have a beautiful pool, but if it is surrounded by a drab landscape or a crumbling patio, it will look much less inviting.

You should consider adding a deck to the area around your pool – or renovating the one you have. A deck can create beautiful framing around your pool, while also providing a comfortable place to relax or to spend time with family and friends.


The right lighting can do a lot to change the look and feel of a pool. Underwater lighting can create a lovely ambience for night swimming or just for spotlighting your pool at night. You can also put lighting around the pool in the form of small spot lights, deck lighting, or fence lighting.

Again, explore the options with your pool contractor to determine what will look best in your space. Your contractor may be able to use 3D modeling software to show you how specific changes will impact your pool and your landscape.

Rock Features

Your pool doesn’t need to look like a concrete hole in the ground. You can make it look like a natural part of the landscape – as if you just happened to build your home around a beautiful lake, grotto, or waterfall. Rock features are one way to make this possible.

Rock features can be as simple as a few, well-placed rocks around the pool to accent the landscaping, or they can be as complex as a waterfall as tall as your house. Explore your options with a contractor and determine what your space and your budget will allow.

Combining these features can make the most impact for your pool and your home, helping you to completely transform the space. Work closely with a custom swimming pool builder to determine what features will give you the most bang for your buck and start redesigning your swimming pool today.

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