Winter Swimming Pool Maintenance Hacks to Keep Your Pool Safe

Winter is starting to really get serious now, and if you haven’t taken steps to put your pool to bed for the winter, you need to do it now. The lower temperatures can wreak havoc if you haven’t taken the right steps to prepare your pool, such as clearing the water out of the pump.

Even after you prepare your pool for the winter, you have to continue to take steps to protect it throughout the season. Just because you aren’t swimming in it doesn’t mean that you can become complacent. Here are a few winter swimming pool maintenance hacks you need to use to keep your pool safe in Tempe and beyond:

Swimming Pool

Cover It

Leaves will fall and frost and even ice can form at times on your pool’s surface during the winter. You should cover the pool for the season to protect it and to reduce the amount of maintenance you have to perform.

If you don’t have a pool cover, now is the time to get one. You can still have one quickly installed, and the investment will be well worth it in what the cover can do to save you time and money and to preserve your pool.

Keep the Cover Clear

Arizona doesn’t get a lot of snow, but frost and ice can form, and those can both weigh down a pool cover. It will also continue to rain during the winter, and standing water can weigh down the pool cover. The weight can distort the cover, causing it to be less effective, or it can break the cover.

Be sure to brush off frost, ice, or water from the cover when it forms. You may use a large brush or squeegee, or you may use a shop vac.

Uncover It on Warm Days

You will get your share of warm days throughout the winter in Tempe. While that may feel good, it can be a problem for your pool. The warmer weather can make a nice environment for algae to grow in your covered pool. Algae loves warm, moist, and dark conditions. You should uncover your pool on the days that the temperature rises to minimize the conditions that allow algae to thrive.

Keep the Water Level Low

You should have already drained the lines to the pool pump and your plumbing before winter began, and the water levels in the pool should be low enough that the water does not re-enter these lines.

If the water level rises with rain, contact your pool professional to adjust the water levels appropriately so that no water gets frozen in your pump or plumbing lines.

Maintain the Pool Chemistry

You won’t have to shock the pool with chlorine over the winter since you won’t be swimming in it, but you will still need to maintain the pool’s pH and its chemical levels. Otherwise, bacteria and other harmful elements can grow in it. Continue to check the pool’s levels and to add the appropriate chemicals as needed throughout the cooler months.

It won’t take much to keep your pool in great shape during the winter, but you do have to take these steps. If you neglect your pool during the winter, algae and bacteria can grow, water can freeze in your lines, and other problems can occur. Some of those problems will be able to be corrected, but some won’t. Either way, you’ll end up costing yourself a lot of money and aggravation of you skip this basic maintenance.

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