How to Keep Algae Out of Your Arizona Pool

A swimming pool is a fantastic investment for your Arizona home. Every summer, you’ll be glad to have a cool place to relax and escape from the heat. Your pool is also a great place to entertain family and friends, making your home seem more inviting.

How to Keep Algae Out of Your Arizona Pool

How to Keep Algae Out of Your Arizona Pool

If you don’t employ the proper swimming pool maintenance, algae is unavoidable! Here are a few easy ways to keep algae out of your pool!
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The growth of algae is a surefire way to ruin that serene and relaxing environment. No one wants to get into a pool that is covered with this slimy substance. Yet, if you don’t employ the proper swimming pool maintenance, algae is unavoidable. If you allow it to spread, it can even begin to root in the walls and floor of your pool, causing damage that will require complete pool remodeling to repair.

Here are a few easy ways to keep algae out of your pool:

Use Full Dose of Shock

You won’t always see the algae if it is there, and you might be tempted to use a little less shock to save money or to speed up the treatment process. However, you need to use a full dose to get the right results. It’s kind of like taking the full dose of medicine when you are sick, even though you don’t have any more symptoms.
Follow up with the recommended maintenance dose of shock once a week or so.

Treat Pool Tools

Algae can live outside the water, as well. The yellow, or “mustard,” algae lives outside the water for a long period of time. If your pool tools come in contact with this algae, they can reinfect your pool.

The best way to keep your tools clean is to put them in the pool while it is being treated with shock. For optimal results, submerge the equipment completely in the pool overnight during treatment.

Ensure Proper Circulation

Often, pool filters circulate water near the surface, but that leaves water around the bottom of the pool stagnant. That still water provides the perfect conditions for algae to grow.

There are several ways that you can improve water circulation to reduce this risk. Redirect the filter occasionally so that it circulates water in all areas of the pool, especially around the floor and sides. Running the automatic cleaner can also increase circulation, as can running the pump more frequently. Brush the walls and floor regularly to keep water moving and brush away any algae that might be forming.

Finally, just swimming in the pool more often can keep the water moving and prevent algae from growing.

Top Sanitizer Levels

Keep your sanitizer — such as chlorine — at top levels to keep algae at bay. Also check your filter frequently and clean or replace it as needed. Algae will grow quickly in a dirty filter or a pool that is not properly protected.

True Blue Pools can help you develop a regular maintenance schedule that will keep your pool looking beautiful and help prolong its life. However, if your pool has already been ravaged by algae that has caused damage, we can discuss some pool remodeling plans to restore it to its former glory or to make it better than ever. Call us today to learn more about your options.

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