Shedding Light on the Most Common Misconceptions of Scottsdale Pool Ownership


Shedding Light on the Most Common Misconceptions of Scottsdale Pool Ownership

Learn more about common pool ownership myths!
Scottsdale, Arizona

In Arizona, having a pool is almost mandatory for getting through the brutal summers with ease. Yet if you haven’t lived in a home with a pool before, you may feel intimidated to take the plunge. You may think that owning a pool is too expensive or too difficult to maintain, and so you resign to sweat it out all summer or to visit your community pool instead.

You may be surprised to learn that a lot of popular notions about pool ownership are actually myths. Take a look at some of facts about pool ownership and then talk to a custom pool builder about getting the pool of your dreams (or plan for pool and spa remodeling to transform that cement hole in your back yard):

Myth #1: Swimming Pools are Too Expensive

Sure you’ll spend more money on an in-ground swimming pool than you would that inflatable kiddie pool you got for $10, but a nice swimming pool probably costs less than you think. The bottom line depends on a number of variables, including the size of the pool, the materials used, and any special features, like water walls or slides.

The more elaborate you get, the more expensive it will be. You just need to talk through the options with your custom pool builder to find a balance between your budget and the features you want.

Myth #2: I’ll Pay Too Much for Maintenance and Electricity for a Pool

Yes, you’ll pay a little money to maintain your pool, and you may see a bump in your utility bills. But, like the cost of the pool itself, the reality is likely not as bad as you believe. Electricity costs depend on the size of your pool and other factors, but you may see an increase of about $30 to $50 per month in your bill.

If that seems like a lot, just compare it to how much you would spend on community pool memberships, trips to the beach, and other vacations. Of course, the value of a pool in your very own backyard to use any time you want is priceless to some.

Myth #3: Swimming Pools are Dangerous

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You do have to take precautions as a pool owner and implement common-sense measures such as putting a locked gate around the pool or a sturdy cover on it. But if you take the right measures, a swimming pool is perfectly safe to have in your yard. Some even believe that access to a pool promotes early swimming expertise, which can actually save lives.

Do not let these and other misconceptions about owning a pool keep you from the joys of pool ownership. The summers are just too hot in Scottsdale to go without a pool if you don’t have to. True Blue Pools is a top Scottsdale custom pool builder, and we can help you design the pool of your dreams. We can build a basic swimming pool that offers you a cool respite, or we can build a luxurious grotto that turns your backyard into a tropical paradise. If you already have a pool, we offer pool and spa remodeling in Scottsdale to give it the look and features you want. Contact us today to learn more.

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