Top 4 Pool Maintenance Mistakes Arizona Homeowners Make During The Winter

top 4 pool maintenance mistakes arizona homeowners make during the winter

With an average daily temperature of 87°, and an average of 211 days of sunshine each year, Phoenix Arizona is one of the best areas of the United States to own a swimming pool. In turn, this keeps Phoenix Arizona custom pool and spa builders busy all year long.

Some pool owners choose to close their pools for a few months each winter, while others choose to swim all year long, since the coldest month (January) averages a high of nearly 70°. Whatever choice you make, Gilbert custom pool and spa builders have a few words of advice on winter pool maintenance.

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1. Looks can be Deceiving

What confuses some pool owners about winter pool maintenance is that even when they do nothing, sometimes their water continues to appear clean, clear and inviting. This happens in extremely cold weather because the cold inhibits the growth of algae and bacteria that would normally make your lovely pool look more like a science project gone wrong. In addition, the dry desert climate in Phoenix provides little interference from the climate, such as rain or snow. Simply because your pool looks clear doesn’t necessarily mean that the water is healthy to swim in.

2. Continue to Chlorinate

The best way to fight bacteria in your swimming pool is to continue to keep your chlorine at the proper level, which means you should continue to test your water throughout the winter. The difference is, during the winter you can probably get by with adding chlorine three times a week rather than every day. This is true even if you close your swimming pool for the winter. If you decide to close your swimming pool for the winter, you should bring the chlorine level up to between 10 and 13 parts per million (ppm) to prevent algae buildup.

3. Balance that pH

balanced ph pool in winterIt can be equally important to check your pH level, which should be between 7.0 and 7.4. Basically, the chlorine levels and pH level should be maintained to the same numbers year around, what changes is the quantity of chemicals and the frequency you will need to add them. The amount and frequency depend on the weather and the amount of use your swimming pool receives. Keeping the correct pH balance in your pool water helps to prevent corrosion and keeps your swimming pool water healthy.

4. Safety First

Even if you close your pool for the winter, it can still present a drowning danger. In order to protect your family, having a pool alarm installed is still a good idea during the winter months.

Protecting your pool during the winter includes keeping your water at the desired level, since a swimming pool relies on being full to maintain its shape. If the water level gets too low it increases the risk of surface cracks and other damage.

A good quality pool cover will help to provide protection from debris and temperatures below freezing. You should keep your swimming pool cover clean and examine your pool cover for damage.

True Blue Pools Inc.

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well maintained pool in the winterTrue Blue Pools Inc. backs their work with a 3 years’ labor and materials warranty. In addition, True Blue Pools Inc. uses only Pentair’s Sta-Rite pumps for their new pool and spa installations and we are so confident that we double the manufacturer’s three year warranty to a six year warranty.

Warranties are only as good as the company that backs them up. Pool businesses come and go, and if they go so does your warranty. True Blue Pools Inc. has been in the swimming pool business for nearly 30 years. We build our pools to last, and we will always be here to stand by our warranty. True Blue Pools Inc. is the custom pool and spa builders you can trust. Contact us today for more information.

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