Top Winter Season Pool Building Myths

This is not the time of year Arizona residents are thinking about swimming pools, but it should be. Since the summer months, when everyone wants to enjoy their pool every single day are known as “peak season”, the winter months, when many people are less inclined to swim are known as the “off season”. Let’s do some myth busting about winter swimming pool building and remodeling.

top winter season pool building myths

Myth: Custom Pool Building or Remodeling Can ‘t Be Done in Cold Weather

There are very few phases of construction that are affected by the weather. In fact, the only segments of swimming pool construction that may be affected by the weather are masonry, concrete and tile jobs. A reputable custom pool builder in Scottsdale will simply wait for a change in the weather, if necessary, before completing that phase.

Swimming Pool building and remodeling can be performed any time of the year. Having the work done during the winter is one of the best times to ensure your swimming pool will be ready in the spring. In addition, your swimming pool builder or remodeler should winterize the entire pool to leave you worry free. This leaves you more time to complete final touches, like landscaping, in time to open the pool in the spring.

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Myth: I May as Well Wait until Spring to Deal with Pool Problems

Many people mistakenly think that they can wait until spring before taking care of pool problems, since they won’t be using it anyway. The longer a problem is left unrepaired the more damage it may do and the more expensive the repairs may become when you finally call a pool remodeling company in the spring. Many swimming pool owners are also under the impression that pool repair and pool remodeling can’t be done in cold weather. Once again, many repairs can be completed during the winter months, and a reputable pool remodeling company in Scottsdale will not jeopardize their reputation by doing work when it will be negatively affected by the weather.

Myth: If I Have My Pool Installed during the Winter It Won’t Need Any Care until Spring

winter pool installed needs care now instead of springWhile cold weather makes it more difficult for algae to survive, all it takes is a warm spell for it to thrive. You will need to test your water and maintain your chemicals during the winter, you just won’t have to do it as often and won’t need to use the same quantity of chemicals as you would in warmer weather. If your swimming pool water is not correctly balanced, improper pH can be corrosive to pipes and the algae can proliferate and damage your pool liner and filter.

Choosing a Custom Pool Builder or Pool Remodeling Company

There are many things to consider in choosing a pool builder. Ask friends, family, and coworkers for recommendations. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau and Registrar of Contractors to find out if there are any unsettled complaints against a company.

scottsdale pool remodeling builder companyTrue Blue Pools Inc. has been serving the valley wide area since 1987, and our integrity and reputation are above reproach. Our experienced staff provides outstanding customer service through continuing education and high quality customer care.

Our warranties are beyond compare. When you choose a new swimming pool or spa from True Blue Pools Inc. you will rest easy with our hassle free warranty program that covers both labor and materials for a full three years. We exclusively install Pentair’s top of the line Sta-Rite pumps, filters and heaters with our new swimming pools and spas, and we double the manufacturer’s three year warranty to give you six worry free years. Remember, a warranty is only as good as the company standing behind it, and we have been here since 1987.

After nearly 30 years of custom pool building and remodeling we are confident that winter pool installation is advantageous to both the customer and the builder. Call or stop in at True Blue Pools Inc.

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