Different Stone Materials You Can Use around Your Pool

different stone materials you can use around your pool

The area around your pool can affect the overall design almost as much as the materials used to construct your pool. You might have a beautiful mosaic tiled on the bottom and sides of your pool, but if the area around the pool has a lot of dirt patches or a deck with rotted wood, the whole pool is going to look shabby and cheap. You need to put the same care into designing the area around your pool as you do into designing the pool itself.

Travertine, flagstone and other stone pavers are all options for creating a patio or seating area around the pool. It is important that you work with a great Gilbert stone supplier and custom pool builder in Gilbert to get the best quality stone and the right design to create the right look for your pool.

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Here’s a look at some of the different stone materials you can use around your pool to create a beautiful design:


Flagstone is a flat stone that has irregular shapes that create a more natural look. The sedimentary stone is usually sandstone and contains some mixture of quartz and feldspar. The flat pieces are fitted together almost like a puzzle, and the spaces between them are filled with sand or even mortar.

flagstone stone around custom poolFlagstone creates a design that looks both natural and high-end. You can use it to create a patio around the pool, walkways connecting the pool to other areas of your yard, or even retaining walls for landscaping around your pool.

The color and price of flagstone varies depending on where it was quarried. Your stone supplier can help you understand the different options and how they will influence the look and performance of your pool design.

Some of the advantages of using flagstone, as well as stone pavers, is that you can easily remove pieces to repair them or work under the ground. The stone won’t crack the way concrete will, and even if it does become damaged, you can easily replace the damaged piece.


Travertine is a popular choice for Arizona pools because it has a sandy color that fits in well with the desert landscape. Travertine is a type of limestone, and it is cut in more geometrical shapes, which leads to a more streamlined design for patios and pool features.

travertine stone around custom poolMost travertine has a more refined and polished look, and it is laid like tile in a pattern and held together with mortar. However, some travertine has a rougher surface and can look more like natural stone. These pavers can be laid loosely over a subbase and packed with sand and fine gravel.

The type of travertine you choose will influence the cost, the design options, the maintenance and the longevity. For example, if you choose mortared tiles, you may have to make more repairs over time as the stone or the mortar can crack from the ground settling or shifting. On the other hand, if you choose more rough-edged pavers, you will have to battle weeds that can come up through the subbase.

Either way, travertine is a gorgeous stone that is a great match for an Arizona pool. You can create a beautiful look with either option.

Other Stone Pavers

Several other types of stone pavers are available, including granite, bluestone, cantera and even marble. You can dress your pool up as much as your budget will allow.

It is important that you look at samples of these stone pavers in person so you can get a real feel for how they look and what kind of design they can create. Then talk to your stone supplier in Gilbert about their particular needs, such as how they must be maintained, requirements for stone installation in Gilbert, and the pros and cons of each.

You may love the look of a particular stone, but you may not like the upkeep of it over time. Make sure you get the best of all worlds by working through the details on all your options before you make a selection.

Centurion Stone of Arizona provides a variety of stone pavers for all types of home renovation projects, including travertine and flagstone. We offer the highest quality stone at great prices, and our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you find just the right stone for your pool patio or other project.

True Blue Pools is a custom pool builder in Arizona that can create the pool of your dreams or breathe new life into the pool you have. We can add a patio to your pool or other features to dress it up and create more harmony between your yard and your pool area. We work with top stone suppliers to ensure the best quality and the best look for your pool.

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