Due to the difficulties of keeping natural pools alive in the harsh Arizona summer, we are not currently recommending this pool type. However, please contact us to discuss alternatives that work perfect for the desert!

Are Natural Swimming Pools the Next Big Trend in Scottsdale?

Are Natural Swimming Pools the Next Big Trend in Scottsdale?

Are Natural Swimming Pools the Next Big Trend in Scottsdale?

Learn more about the latest pool trend: natural pools!
Scottsdale, Arizona

The summers are just too hot in Scottsdale to go those long months without having some fun in the water. Some people prefer the cleanliness and clarity of a swimming pool, while others prefer the natural beauty of a lake or pond. A swimming pool offers convenience and safety (you don’t have to worry about what creepy crawlies are lurking under the water!), but a lake or pond is naturally clean without the use of chemicals and additives.

The latest trend may help you have the best of both worlds: A natural swimming pool. You can swim in your own backyard, but you don’t have to worry about the chemical agents used in traditional pools.

What are Natural Swimming Pools?

Natural swimming pools can be designed to look like traditional swimming pools, or they can be built with natural rock formations and lots of plant life to look more like a pond. The key feature of natural swimming pools is that the water is filtered by a series of plants and algae that are either planted around the edge or placed in a connecting pool that feeds into the swimming area. You don’t have to clean the pool, nor do you have to add chemicals or replace a filter to keep it clean. The plants are chosen to do those jobs naturally.

You don’t even have to install a pump for a natural swimming pool since you are essentially creating a natural ecosystem that takes care of itself. Yet you can add the pump if you prefer the water to be more clear.

Benefits of Natural Swimming Pools

You may be thinking that with all that is involved with installing a natural swimming pool, it would be very expensive. The truth is that a natural swimming pool costs about as much as a traditional pool. The total cost just depends on the options you choose, just like with a traditional pool. You’ll have to talk with a custom pool contractor to get the concrete costs.
Finding the best Scottsdale pool contractor for the job
Once installed, the major benefit of a natural swimming pool is that it requires almost no maintenance. You’ll save a lot of time and money, and you can focus on enjoy your time in the pool instead.

If you already have a traditional pool, Scottsdale pool remodeling services are available to convert it to a natural swimming pool. A secondary pool can be built beside it for the plants that will filter the water into it. Otherwise, the same concrete liner can be used for the main swimming area. Your contractor may also suggest some aesthetic upgrades, such as landscaping around the pool.

True Blue Pools is a Scottsdale custom pool contractor , and we can help you design the pool of your dreams, whether you are interested in a natural swimming pool or a traditional style with designer tile. We build new pools and offer pool remodeling services, helping you to get the look and functionality you want for the budget you want. Give us a call and find out how we can transform your back yard.

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