The Basics of an Infinity Pool Design

Pools are great additions to any Tempe home. They give you a place to swim and to cool down, as well as to entertain family and friends. You can make your pool simply a functional space, with a concrete edge, a ladder or some stairs, and the water. Or you can dress up your pool to transform the backyard, choosing beautiful stone features, a deck, ambient lighting, water features, and more.

An infinity pool design is the height of luxury. It creates a gorgeous and sophisticated look for your home that will immediately elevate its profile. You can talk to a custom swimming pool builder in Chandler about constructing a new infinity pool, or you can look into pool remodeling to convert your existing pool.

The Basics of an Infinity Pool Design

The Infinity Pool Design

The infinity pool gets its name from its design. Along one edge of the pool, there is a drop off where the water flows over the side into a hidden catch basin. If you are looking at the pool from the opposite side, the water appears to continue flowing off into the horizon, as if it goes on forever.

Depending on your landscape, you can create a stunning view with your infinity pool. If your backyard is on a hill or overlooks some natural scenery in the distance, the pool can back up to a gorgeous vista. It can look like the water flows into the distance, becoming one with the scenery.

The Functional Setup

Though it may appear that the water continues to flow into the sky in an infinity pool, that’s not actually what’s happening. An infinity pool is designed with a border missing on one side. Water is allowed to flow over the side.

The water is collected in a basin below the edge, and a pump cycles the water back into the pool. Because of this design, an infinity pool requires a slope or large hill on one side. You cannot plant this pool straight in the ground.

Trouble Shooting

You may have a flat yard or one with minimal slope, so you may think it’s not possible to put an infinity pool in your yard. After all, you don’t want the water to look like it’s flowing into the ground.

However, if you talk to a custom swimming pool builder, you may learn that there are ways to put an infinity pool just about anywhere. One solution may be to dig out the area outside one end of the pool and then fill it with rocks or other natural features. The “drip” edge of the infinity pool will line up there, and the water will appear to float into a rocky grotto. There are other potential design solutions, depending on the natural features of your landscape, your budget, and what you want to create.

An infinity pool can bring a touch of luxury and beauty to your home, while still giving you the opportunity to relax or have fun. You can choose from basic designs, or you can get create and try out different shapes, different rocks and other accents, and different combinations of features. You can create a beautiful oasis in your backyard, where you will love to swim or just relax after a long day. Of course, you’ll also create a pool that will make a big impression on your guests – as well as any potential buyers when you are ready to sell your home.

True Blue Pools offers pool and spa remodeling in Tempe, as well as custom designed pools in Tempe. We can build a new pool from scratch, or we can redesign a pool you already have, helping you transform a lackluster or aging pool into something you love. We can create a gorgeous infinity pool for you, complete with rock and water features, stunning lighting, a gorgeous deck, and much more. Or we can upgrade your pool with other features that are more important to you and in keeping with your vision. A custom swimming pool builder from our team will meet with you to create your design, listening to your ideas and offering suggestions where appropriate. Call us today to schedule an appointment with a pool builder in Tempe or the surrounding area.

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