5 Ways a Swimming Pool Remodel Can Enhance Your Swimming Experience

Your swimming pool can be a lot more than functional – a lot more than a watering hole in the ground. You can remodel it to make it look fantastic or to improve its functionality, allowing you to enjoy it in ways you may not have even thought possible for your space. When you work with a top pool remodeling contractor in Tempe, you can make bring your dream pool to life.

Whether your pool just needs a few tweaks, or you have some major changes in mind, here are five ways that a swimming pool remodel can enhance your swimming experience:

5 Ways a Swimming Pool Remodel Can Enhance Your Swimming Experience

Make It Safer

Your pool likely has basic safety features, like a ladder, a rail next to the ladder or steps, and a non-slip surface around the pool. But there are a lot more safety features you can add, such as a gate, a cover, a low-grade zero entry for toddlers and small children, and much more.
You can also remodel your pool to repair jagged patches of concrete, which can pose a safety risk. Pool resurfacing can smooth out the surfaces on the inside and outside of your pool, ensuring that no one is cut or slips.

Lower Your Maintenance

Having a pool requires a lot of maintenance – there’s no secret about that. Remodeling your pool can lower your maintenance, depending on the features you choose. For example, you could convert your pool to a saltwater system, which would make it easier to keep clean. You could also install an automatic cleaner or other accessories that make it easier to maintain your pool.

Explore your options with your pool remodeling contractor to find out what features would have the most impact.

Improve Lighting

Sometimes, you want to swim at night – especially in the hot, Tempe summers. You can add lighting to your pool to make swimming or entertaining at night a little easier. Lights can be put inside the pool or they can be placed along the trim of the pool for a nice accent. Lighting can also be place along the pool deck or in around the patio by the pool.

Lighting can improve safety and aesthetics, as well as give you the opportunity to enjoy your pool at more times during the day. Talk with your Tempe pool remodeling contractor to explore all the options for lighting.

Create More Entertaining Options

Owning a swimming pool creates a great opportunity to entertain friends or family. Your house can become the gathering spot for the summer. If you upgrade your pool’s features, you can make your space even more inviting for guests.

You can add features like swim-up bars, firepits, tanning ledges, and even water slides to your pool. There really is no limit to what you can add, other than your budget. Talk to a Tempe custom swimming pool builder about the different options and which would work best with your existing pool.

Improve the Aesthetic

Of course, pool remodeling can significantly improve your pool’s aesthetics. You can change out the tile (or add it) to create a beautiful look. You can add a deck or patio to your pool (or upgrade the one you have). You can add a beautiful fountain or even a waterfall. You can add rock features, landscaping, and much, much more. You can turn your pool into an oasis, making your backyard look like a resort.

Remodeling your pool can significantly change the look of your space while also improving your pool’s safety, giving you more entertaining options, and reducing your maintenance. You can enjoy your pool more, while also improving the value of your investment in your property.

Call True Blue Pools in Tempe to talk with a pool and spa remodeling contractor about the options for your pool. We can develop a pool remodeling plan that will transform your space and make you excited about swimming again. We also build custom designed pools in Tempe, and we can design your dream pool from scratch – whether you just want to start over or you want to build your first pool. Call us in Tempe today to talk with a pool builder.

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