Remodeling Your Pool With Resort Style Features

A backyard custom designed pool in Tempe is one of the best ways to relax on a hot afternoon or after a long day at work. From swimming laps for exercise, relaxing in the hot afternoon sun, and the ideal entertainment atmosphere for the neighborhood barbecue, a Tempe new pool build is the perfect way to step up your game. However, over time, you may decide you want to spruce up your backyard oasis and add some fun features to take it to a whole new level. Here are a few ideas to consider for your Tempe pool remodeling project.


Remodeling Your Pool With Resort Style Features


Tempe pool resurfacing is an important maintenance requirement for every pool owner. It needs to be done approximately every 5-20 years, depending on the material used and how well the water chemistry has been maintained. Getting your pool resurfaced is the perfect time to choose a new type of material or color to enhance the swimming area.

Your Phoenix pool builder can resurface your pool with tile, plaster, or aggregate. Tile finishes can combine ceramic, porcelain, glass, or stone, all of which offer a beautiful, unique appearance to any pool. You also have the freedom to choose different colors to enhance your swimming experience. A bright white offers a modern, clean look, while a tropical blue gives off a beachy vibe. The choice is entirely up to you!


Customizing your backyard pool is a fantastic way to give it a fresh, brand new look and feel. While it is easiest to add certain features during the initial Tempe swimming pool construction, a skilled Tempe custom swimming pool builder will have the tools and knowledge necessary to add them in later if you change your mind. Choose from a wide variety of features, including waterfalls, uniquely-shaped fountains, tropical plants, natural stones, streams, or spa jets. Any of these choices (and more!) can take an ordinary backyard pool and turn it into a unique, jaw-dropping oasis.

Pool lighting is a smaller investment than other features, but has a heavy impact on the overall ambiance and feel of your backyard pool. It is an excellent way to enhance the beauty of the pool, and is also extremely important for safety reasons. LED lighting can be connected to a remote, so you have complete freedom to change colors as you see fit. It will brighten your backyard, make night swimming unforgettable, and can be easily controlled to set the mood.

For next-level, resort-style features, consider adding a big-screen tv to your backyard so you can watch the game while relaxing poolside. Many Phoenix pool and spa remodeling projects also include a tanning shelf, a dream outdoor kitchen setup, or a swim-up bar to take pool parties to the next level. The opportunities are endless!

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