Pool Remodeling Factors To Remain Conscious Of

Pool Remodeling Recommendations To Enhance The Looks Of Your Backyard

Having a swimming pool in your backyard is an amazing way to relax, entertain, spend time with your family, and even exercise. You’ll be able to enjoy hours of cool fun and sunshine from the convenience of your own home. Many pool owners don’t realize, however, that over time your swimming pool will begin to show age as the finish fades, cracks form, and styles become outdated.

It’s tempting to put off the maintenance of your pool, but in all reality, maintaining your pool is just as important as any other maintenance tasks you’ll perform around the rest of your home. A pool remodel, along with regular maintenance, is imperative to keeping your pool functioning and looking its best. Here are some things to consider during your Scottsdale pool remodeling, so you can keep your backyard swimming pool in prime condition.

Pool Remodeling Factors To Remain Conscious Of In Tempe, AZ

Pool Resurfacing

Tempe pool resurfacing is usually the most important part of a pool remodel and will replace the finish layer of your pool. Pool surfaces need to be replaced every 5-20 years. This is a wide range, and will depend on which type of finish was installed and how carefully the water’s chemistry has been maintained. Pool surface styles will change over time, too, so resurfacing your pool has the added benefit of giving it a more clean and modern look. The cost will vary significantly depending on the finish, pool size and shape, area of the pool, and more. Different types of pools will require different methods, but most commonly the damaged material will be chipped out, a new finish will be installed, and the pool will be acid-washed.

Safety Pool Water Features

Often, when a pool is first installed, many available safety features are overlooked. These features can include adding ladders and railings, and even a pool fence to keep young children out of the water. Other safety options include safety nets, covers that can prevent drowning, and alarms for doors, gates, windows, and pool perimeters. It’s smart to add safety features to your pool area during your remodel to protect children and pets from harm.

Pool Aesthetic

One of the best parts of Tempe pool remodeling is that you have the opportunity to customize and personalize your pool so it looks and feels brand new. It’s the perfect time to add a spa so your backyard feels like a luxurious resort, or to spruce up the deck like you’ve been wanting to. Add ambience and beauty to your backyard with fountains, waterfalls, and tropical plants so it looks like a magazine-worthy oasis.

Pool Lighting

Adding custom lighting to your swimming pool and entire backyard is a great way to enhance its beauty and also add functionality. Proper lighting is an extremely important part of swimming safety and an important consideration for backyard entertaining. Colored lights add a fun or relaxing ambience for nighttime swimming. The advantage of adding lighting during your pool remodel is that it’s a smaller investment than other additions, while adding important safety features along with ambience to your backyard haven.

Ease: Reduce Your Maintenance Routine

Many homeowners tire of pool maintenance, so a Chandler pool and spa remodeling is the perfect time to upgrade your system and reduce your maintenance routine. Some options to add ease to your pool schedule include converting to a salt water system, upgrading to newer equipment, or installing an automatic cleaning system. Make your swimming pool fun and relaxing, rather than another chore, by considering an equipment upgrade during your pool remodel.

Resort Or Backyard?

Although pool remodels become necessary over time, they also boost the efficiency and aesthetics of your pool. However, it’s also a great time to design a pool makeover to add extra fun to your backyard. Consider adding your dream outdoor kitchen, an entertainment center, a swim up bar that feels like a beach resort, or a tanning shelf for a spa vibe. Take your pool parties and family time to a new level with a custom designed pool in Tempe.

Top Quality Pool Remodel In Tempe

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