Getting A Permit For Building A Pool In AZ

Swimming pools are a common luxury in Arizona, and one that requires a lot of preparation and planning before you can even get to the beginning stages of building the pool itself. Each city in Arizona has its own set of rules and regulations and permits that need to be applied for. After the plans are completed for your pool, there is a lengthy process that you must go through in order to obtain the actual permits for your pool construction in Tempe, Scottsdale, Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, or any other city in the Valley.

Permit For Building A Pool

Aside from having just the swimming pool plans prepared for submission, there are a number of things that you should also have in order to obtain the proper permits. Without a permit for building a pool in whatever city you live in, whether it’s Tempe, Scottsdale, Gilbert, or Chandler, your plans will fall flat and you’ll have to start all over. Here are a few things you need to enable you to get a permit for building your swimming pool:

A Site Plan With an Accurately Scaled Pool

In this step, we strongly encourage you to hire a swimming pool designer in Arizona who can take care of this. Typically, a qualified swimming pool design specialist will have the expertise and knowledge to create a site plan that meets the city’s requirements, while also lifting this stressful burden from your shoulders. There are a lot of specifications and guidelines to follow, and someone who is trained and practiced in swimming pool planning will know exactly what needs to be done during this phase, and execute it with minimal issues. True Blue Pools is a Tempe pool building company that can take care of the site plan for you, ensuring thorough, beautiful designs and preparations.

Homeowners Association Approval Letter

We all know that the HOA can be a huge hassle sometimes, and if you are lucky enough to live in a neighborhood without an HOA, this step doesn’t apply to you. But most newer neighborhoods have one, and with it comes the hassle of needing approval for anything you wish to do to your house. So, when you are getting a permit for the pool building process to begin in your backyard, you first need a homeowners association approval letter. Whatever your homeowner’s association’s requirements are to get this process started, you should follow it to a tee. Once you have the approval letter, applying for a permit for your designated city should be fairly simple. Again, if you don’t have a homeowners association, this is a step you can skip altogether.

Structural Engineering Plans

By far the most important part of the permit application process is acquiring the structural engineering plans for your swimming pool design. This goes in conjunction with the site plan, and tells the city the standard plan to use for the construction of your pool and if pool or site specific plans are needed, for instance infinity pools, or hillside pools. It’s important to have the structural engineering plans available just in case there are circumstances that require special engineering to complete your new pool construction. Without these plans, you won’t be able to obtain a permit for your designated city, and your pool building project will be on hold.

Having a pool added to your home is an exciting and lengthy process, and with help from the pool designers and builders at True Blue Pools, we can guide you through this process with ease. Our team is equipped to handle a number of different factors when you are looking to obtain a pool building permit for your property. From design and obtaining permits to the final build and completion of your pool, we can take you through the proper channels to ensure that your pool is built with 100% approval from the city. Contact True Blue Pools today to start the pool design process. Find a list of city planning websites below to help you get the right pool building permits in Arizona

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