Pool Equipment You Should Replace during a Pool Remodel

Remodeling your pool can help you improve the look of your home while also giving you more to enjoy about your pool and more ways to entertain guests. At the same time, a well-planned remodel can also significantly increase the value of your home.

In addition to changing up the design elements of your pool during a remodel, you should consider replacing some of the equipment. Here is some of the top pool equipment you should consider replacing during a pool remodel, according to the top Tempe swimming pool contractors:

Pool Equipment You Should Replace during a Pool Remodel


The right lighting can make a pool seem magical and open. Lighting can come in different types and colors, and your choices will make a big impact on the ambience and style of your pool. Your choices will also make an impact on the energy-efficiency of your pool.

Switching to LED lighting can help you save on your energy costs for your pool. You will get soft, beautiful lighting, but the lights won’t use as much energy, and the lights will have a longer lifespan. You can even talk to your Tempe pool contractors about creating an LED light show in your pool with different colors and timing.

Automatic Leveler

Arizona’s hot climate makes it hard to keep your pool full. The blazing sun will cause the water to evaporate quickly, which can lower your overall water level. That can result in the wrong proportion of chemicals in the pool, and it can impact the swimming experience. An automatic leveler can keep your pool at the right volume without you having to constantly check the water level or refill the pool.

Installing an automatic leveler will help you put your pool on a system like you have your home’s lighting and other features.

Pool Pump

Your pool’s pump uses up much of the energy that your pool consumes. If you don’t have the right pool pump installed, you can spend much more than you need to on electricity. Most Tempe swimming pool contractors recommend a variable-speed pump as the most energy-efficient option. Experts say that the pump pays for itself in energy savings in just three to five years. You may also qualify for rebates or credits through your local power company if you install a more energy-efficient pool pump.

Saltwater System

You may not be close to the ocean in Tempe, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a saltwater dip. Pools with saltwater are becoming more popular. Not only is saltwater easier on the skin, but it is more natural and is anti-bacterial without the use of additives.

If you do install a saltwater system in your pool, consider upgrading the other design elements and features to create the total package. You could have tropical plants put around the pool, a cabana built on the deck, or a rock pile installed on one end, among other things. You can make your pool look like a tropical oasis.

Water Features

You might be confused about how adding water to your pool of water can make it look more beautiful or can do anything practical, but you have a lot of great options. For example, you could add a waterfall to one end of your pool if you wanted to make a big statement. Or you could add a stunning fountain in the middle of your pool or on the deck. You can also have smaller jets or sprays added to the sides of the pool or around another feature.

Water features can elevate the profile of your pool and increase the value of your house. If you don’t have water features in your pool, consider adding them during your Tempe pool remodel.

Fire Pit

A fire pit is the perfect complement to a pool. You can sit by a beautiful fire while you are swimming or entertaining by the pool in the evening. A fire pit can also create a sophisticated ambience for the pool area, which will translate at any time of day.

Your Tempe pool builder can put a fire pit right in the middle of your pool or anywhere along side the pool. Your choice of stone, tile, or other accents can influence the look of the fire pit and the overall look of the pool.

Making these upgrades during your Tempe pool remodel can improve the look and value of your pool, which will also improve the look and value of your home. You can replace or upgrade this equipment, or you can change up décor items like tile, decking, and more. You can also add features like tanning ledges and outdoor kitchens. Talk to your Tempe pool builder about the options to get the best look for your pool.

True Blue Pools can help if you are considering a Tempe swimming pool remodel. We are top-rated Tempe pool contractors, and we can handle any aspect of your remodel. We can enhance the look of your current pool, add some new features, or replace equipment for improved functionality and design. We can remodel your current pool or build a custom pool according to your specifications. Our pool builders can bring your dream pool to life. Call us in Tempe to talk with a custom pool builder and to start designing your new pool. You can have the pool you’ve always wanted by the next swim season.


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