Will Adding a Pool to my Backyard Increase The Value of my Arizona Home?

Here in Arizona, our summers can be brutal. Having a pool in the backyard to cool off can help you get through the heat of the summer comfortably, but does it add value to your home? That depends on a lot of factors when it comes time to sell your home.

If you are considering investing in a pool to add a large value to your home, you may be surprised to find out that adding a pool may only add 7% to the value, and that is if all the circumstances are just right when you go to sell. Some factors to consider before diving in are:

  • Climate – You want to make sure it makes sense to have a pool, so the climate you live in is probably the most important factor to consider. As previously stated, our Arizona summers are hotter than most places. We do have the prime climate for a pool here in the desert.
  • Neighborhood – Living in a higher end neighborhood means that there are a lot of pools in your neighbors’ yards. If you lack a pool when it comes time to sell, that could make it harder for you to sell.
  • Lot Size – A pool should not overtake your yard space. Consider how much of your yard will be left for gardening or for children to play in once your pool is installed.
  • Builder – Choosing the right pool building company near Gilbert who has the experience necessary and ability to build a quality pool that will maintain its value is vital.

When you consider how much value the pool is going to add to your home when it comes time to sell, there are more factors to consider. Although value can be added to your home for resale, you need to consider:

  • Style – Does it fit the neighborhood? This is something your custom pool builder will go over with you to make sure that the pool doesn’t seem out of place. It should complement your home, but it should also make sense in your neighborhood.
  • Condition – When it comes time to sell, the condition of your pool is a huge factor in what its determined value will be. If you have tiles hanging or missing, stairs crumbling, or you’re missing some handrails, that will affect the value of the pool.
  • Age – How old your pool is when you decide to sell your home will affect the value of the pool. If you aren’t selling your home for 20 years, don’t expect to recoup the cost of the pool, especially if the pool is in need of an update.
  • Right Buyer – Every buyer has their list of wants and deal breakers. For some, having a pool is an absolute must. However, for others, the pool could be what turns them away. Families that have small children can shy away from homes with pools, because of safety factors. Conversely, an older couple without children could fall in love with the pool as the deciding factor in purchasing your home. This is another reason you should know the neighborhood, and what types of buyers it will more than likely attract.


Pools are not cheap to install. For most, the cost is the most prohibitive factor. The materials you use, the pump you choose, and even the safety features you add will determine not only the upfront cost, but the cost for the longevity of the pool.

Gilbert Custom Pool and Spa Builder

Pools that have fiberglass shells, and those that use vinyl liners are more affordable upfront. However, the liners need to be replaces just about every 10 years. This is an arduous process, as the pool has to be completely drained and the edging needs to be replaced. Even if you sell a few years after the pool is installed, most homebuyers will insist that you replace the vinyl liner, adding more to the initial investment to make the sale.

Heating and filtration systems can get those energy wheels turning, so it is important to purchase an energy efficient pump and heater. Choosing an energy efficient system can even earn you a rebate from your utility company through your Gilbert pool building company. Using a solar blanket to cover your pool and trap heat can cut down on the cost to heat your pool as well.


Every pool requires the water to be balanced for alkalinity, calcium levels, and proper pH levels. You also need to sanitize to control the growth of bacteria and germs. There are many options on how to accomplish these balances, self-maintenance being the most cost efficient. Consider that the average cost of maintenance in a climate like Arizona, where we have a seasonal swimming climate, is around $600.

There are robotic vacuuming systems that can save you time, and make sure that the cleaning gets done no matter what. They can run from $500-$800.

All things considered, having a pool in the Arizona summers is an invaluable asset. When we hit 122 degrees, being able to get into a pool to cool off is something we all wish we could do. Yes, many neighborhoods have an HOA pool available, but nothing beats walking out into your own backyard and slipping into your own, custom built pool. If you’re ready for an estimate from an experienced, custom pool builder near Gilbert, or you would just like to ask more questions about what value having a custom pool built can add to your Arizona home, give True Blue Pools a call today at 480-820-9495.


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