Success and the Psychology behind Luxury Pools in Arizona

Living in Arizona, having a pool is almost a necessity. The summers are so hot that you need a pool to take a quick dip and cool off quickly. In some parts of the country, pools are considered a luxury, but here, they’re just a good investment.

That doesn’t mean that pools can’t be luxurious! In fact, you can hire a pool building company in Tempe to transform your pool with more luxury features or you can invest in the best right from the start. Not only will you have a beautiful pool that you love to spend time in and show off to friends, but you will also increase the value of your home.

The psychology behind  luxury pools

But for many, investing in luxury goods like a fabulous pool isn’t really a rational decision. There are a lot of psychological factors behind why people choose to buy authentic luxury goods (the knock-offs just won’t cut it!. Here’s what psychology tells us about why people buy luxury items:

To Show Off Success

Show off success

Some people buy luxury goods just to show other people how successful they are. We don’t have the phrase “Keeping up with the Joneses” for nothing. Having a luxury pool or other luxury goods shows people that you have the means to buy expensive things, which is meant to show that you are successful at what you do.

To Feel a Sense of Accomplishment

To feel a sense of accomplishment

Most people don’t just want other people to feel that they are successful; they also want to feel for themselves that they are successful. Think about how you have felt when you made a major purchase in the past. Maybe you got your first job out of college and were able to buy your first new car. Or maybe you saved up over time and were finally able to buy your first home. You likely felt like you accomplished something significant.

The same is true for people who are able to invest in new pool builds, especially if they are luxury pools. They also feel a sense of accomplishment when they are able to transform their drab pool into a luxury oasis by investing in Mesa pool remodeling.

To Feel a Sense of Pride

To feel a sense of pride

Studies have shown that when people buy counterfeit goods, they don’t feel the same sense of accomplishment or satisfaction. For example, if they bought a fake Rolex, they wouldn’t feel as good as if they bought a genuine Rolex. Even if the watch looked the same to other people who saw it, they would know themselves that the watch was a fake, and they wouldn’t feel as good about it. People need to feel the authenticity of the achievement so they can feel a sense of pride in making the purchase.

Tempe Custom Pools and Spas

Buying a luxury pool makes many people feel a great sense of pride. They can look out at their gorgeous pool and know the hard work and success that went into being able to buy that pool. They can feel a sense of pride in knowing that they are enjoying the finer things in life and are providing those things for their family.

To Feel Good

To feel good

Let’s face it: Sometimes we buy things because it makes us feel good. It’s called retail therapy for a reason! You’re having a bad day and maybe you go out and buy yourself a new outfit. Suddenly, your mood is lifted. Depending on what you buy, it might even boost your self-esteem.

Buying a luxury pool makes people feel good, not just when they first purchase it, but also every time they look out at the pool. They feel good knowing that they have just the pool they want, that they have some of the best water features and materials in their pool, and that they can relax and enjoy themselves whenever they have had a hard day or just want to cool off in the hot, Arizona summer.

Luxury pools are a great investment, but not everyone buys them because they’ve crunched the numbers and realized that they’ll get an amazing return. The psychology behind buying decisions is much more closely related to how they make us feel, and luxury pools have a lot of reasons to make people feel great.

True Blue Pools is a luxury pool builder in Arizona, and we can help you design the pool of your dreams. We specialize in new pool builds, as well as pool remodeling. We can help you build your luxury pool from scratch, or we can work with you to redesign your current pool so that it offers exactly what you want. We’re a top-rated pool building company in Arizona, and we are dedicated to providing great service and superior results. Call us today to start designing your luxury pool!

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