Where Have All the Paradise Valley Diving Boards Gone?

There once was a time that you didn’t see a swimming pool without a diving board. Now, it’s rare that you’ll see a pool with one. So what happened?

Everyone loves a diving board. Even if you don’t know how to dive (or don’t like to), you can still spring board into the deep end with a cannon ball or other fun trick. So why have diving boards started to be harder to find than ice in the Arizona desert?

Where Have All the Paradise Valley Diving Boards Gone?

Where Have All the Paradise Valley Diving Boards Gone?

Here are a few reasons why diving boards are less popular these days!
Paradise Valley, Arizona

Here are just a few reasons:

Risk of Injury

Diving boards may be fun, but they are also inherently dangerous. If you do a flip off the board, you can hit your head or neck on the edge. If you dive into the wrong part of the pool, you can hit your head on the bottom and can be fatally injured.

Many Paradise Valley homeowners are not willing to accept this risk and just forego the diving board all together or have our experienced pool builders remodel their pool, eliminating the diving board..

Most people just want to relax while they are at the pool — not spend the whole time on edge watching children play to make sure they aren’t injured on the diving board.

Insurance Issues

Having a pool with a diving board is likely to raise the premiums for your homeowner’s insurance. In fact, some insurance companies won’t even cover injuries from diving board accidents — you can’t even buy the coverage if you want it. Some companies have similar policies about pool slides and other accessories.

Pool Size

To have a “diving pool,” you actually need quite a large pool — at least 38 or 39 feet long. The reason is that the pool is divided into thirds, with one part dedicated to the play area, another third dedicated to the deep end, and the other third representing the incline between them. The pool has to be long enough that anyone jumping off the diving board won’t hit that incline at the bottom.

Most pools are around 35 feet or less, which is not big enough to accommodate a safe diving area.

Lack of a Play Area

Most people like splashing, wading, and floating in their pools. The deep end tends to go unused most of the time — especially if they have kids. With a diving pool, the play area of the pool is shortened to make room for the diving area. When you’re spending most of your time in the play area, it just doesn’t make sense to limit this area. Why not just make your whole pool the “play area” and eliminate the hassle of the diving board all together?

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