Refresh Comfortably with These Cool In-Pool Options

Nothing feels better than taking a dip in an ice-cold pool in the middle of the Arizona summer. When the temperatures are soaring into the triple digits and you are soaked in sweat and feeling exhausted by the oppressive heat, you can float in the cool water and feel your troubles melt away.

After awhile, you might get tired and jump out so that you can sit in a lounge chair or have a cold drink or a tasty snack. Yet you will quickly get hot and sweaty again and have to jump back in the water.

You can put an end to the back and forth by hiring a Scottsdale custom pool builder who can include some of these features in the pool or by investing in pool remodeling to have them added to your current pool. Here are a few in-pool options you should consider:

Refresh Comfortably with These Cool Custom In-Pool Options

Pool Island

With a pool island, you can keep cool drinks, snacks, sunglasses, tanning lotion, and other necessities right at hand. You just need to swim up to the island to get what you need — instead of getting out of the pool and walking across the deck.

You can have an island built into your pool during construction and remodeling, or you can choose a floating island. The size and layout of your pool will determine the best choice for an island.

Mounted Furniture

Even better than being able to swim up to an island to grab a drink is being able to swim up to the island and sit down at it. In-pool mounted furniture allows you to do that.

You aren’t limited to chairs or benches for your mounted furniture. Other options include mounted wet bars (for drinks), small tables, and shade. You can install umbrellas or canopies to keep your seating area cool in the sun.

Scottsdale Custom Pool and Spa Builder

With the right custom pool builder, you can essentially have an entire patio or lounge area directly in your pool without interrupting the flow of swimming or other recreation. The furniture will be strategically mounted to offer convenience without being in the way.

Floating Furniture

You don’t have to make permanent changes to your pool to enjoy lounge furniture in the water. After all, your tastes or your needs might change, and you don’t want to have to perform another pool remodel when they do.

Most furniture that you can get mounted is also available floating, including chairs, tables, and shade. This furniture is of higher quality and better design than your typical raft or pool lounger. You won’t struggle to get into or out of this furniture, and it won’t tip you out easily. The right floating furniture has the same stability as mounted furniture except it rests on the water.

Tanning Ledge

A tanning ledge is a nice addition to any pool, whether you are working with a custom pool builder on your new design or are considering pool remodeling. The shallow ledge allows you to lay directly in the water to keep cool while working on your tan.

Many accessories are available that can make the tanning ledge even more comfortable and convenient. For example, instead of lying directly on the ledge, you can lay in a lounge chair that is placed on the ledge. You’ll still be in the water, but you won’t be as submerged.

Different heights are available for chairs and loungers for the tanning ledge to get the fit you want. Tables and cushions are also available to improve comfort and convenience. You can also pair tanning ledge furniture with floating furniture if you don’t have enough room in the space.

Stunning Built In Custom Pool Options By True Blue Pools


You want more than just a comfortable seat for your pool. Accessories can enhance your experience.

An ice bin table is a must have. You can keep your drinks cool instead of just giving them a place to sit. That’s especially important in the heart of summer when your drink can go warm before you have a chance to finish it. The water in the pool won’t be enough to keep your drink cool.

You might also consider floating or fixed bins to keep pool toys or pillows.

True Blue Pools in Tempe Arizona can help you get just the right features you want for your pool. Our experienced contractors can either build in these features, such as tanning ledges and zero entry areas, or they can add them after the fact in a pool remodeling. A custom pool builder will work closely with you to understand your needs and then make recommendations that meet your budget. Call us today to learn more about our Scottsdale pool remodeling or custom construction services in Arizona. We can help you get the pool of your dreams.

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