Pool Resurfacing Tips from the Experts

A good pool will last you many decades if you perform the right maintenance. But a poorly maintained pool or one that has been built with inferior materials will break down over time, suffering cracks in the surface or even losing whole patches of the surface area. You will then have to pay for expensive resurfacing to protect the life of your pool.

Pool Resurfacing Tips from the Experts

If you need pool resurfacing, it is important that you work with an experienced professional such as a Tempe custom pool builder to get the best quality work and materials to protect the life of your pool. Here are a few things you should consider for your pool remodeling:

Surface Reflectivity

Some surfaces will catch the sunlight and make the pool look more glamorous and inviting, and some surfaces will be more reflective in the underwater and accent lighting of the pool at night. You need to think through how the reflectivity of the surface will reflect the look of the pool.

When you are shopping for surfaces, ask the contractor or manufacturer to provide you with samples and examine them under the light. Take the samples home with you if you can so that you can see them in the exact lighting of your home pool setting. You won’t know what to expect until you see the surface in action under the exact same conditions as your pool.

Surface Texture

The surface of your pool doesn’t just affect the way it looks — it also affects the experience you have while in the pool. You may not like the feel of a chunky pebbled surface on your feet, or you may feel like sleek surface doesn’t give you enough traction when you are walking around in the pool.

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A more textured surface is important for stairs, tanning ledges, and a zero entry area, but the surface should still feel comfortable. Talk with your custom pool builder in Scottsdale about the best choices. You may need to choose a mix of surface materials to meet the needs of different parts of the pool.

Maintenance and Repairs

Even the best pool surface materials will need ongoing maintenance to protect their integrity.

The Tmportance of Maintaining Yours Pools SurfaceTalk with your custom pool builder about what steps need to be taken to maintain the particular surface you are considering, including the right pool chemistry required. Using too much or too little of a certain chemical in your pool can erode the surface faster than usual. At first, the surface may just look dull or worn, but over time, it will suffer structural issues that can require expensive repairs.

If repairs are needed to your pool’s surface, make them right away. Allowing problems to go untended can cause them to get bigger (and more expensive). Do not rely on surface patches in place of real repair work. The patch will not hold as long as the repair will, and it will leave the pool vulnerable to other issues. You’ll end up having to pay for a new patch or repair before too long, which will just cost you more in the long run.

If you are ready for pool resurfacing in Arizona, call True Blue Pools to work with an experienced custom pool builder on our team. We’ll help you select the right pool surface material to get the look and performance you want while also staying on budget. With our superior workmanship and the right surface material, your pool will be protected for decades to come. We can assist you with other Scottsdale pool remodeling work, as well, such as installing pool furniture, water features, and more. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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