Incorporating a New Pool Build into Your Existing Landscape

You have a beautiful backyard with lush trees and gorgeous flowers. Or maybe you don’t, but you want to have that. Maybe you have an equally beautiful yard that consists of xeriscaping and natural rock and water features. You don’t want to destroy the beauty of your landscaping by plopping a swimming pool right into the middle of it without thought to the design.

Don’t accept the standard design for a swimming pool, with its dull concrete and its uninspired shape and lack of features. Work with a custom pool designer in Phoenix to incorporate design elements into your pool that will complement the landscape. Here are a few things you’ll need to consider when incorporating a new pool build into your existing landscape:

Incorporating a New Pool Build into Your Existing Landscape

Plants and Flowers

Your pool should look like it is part of the landscaping that is already present, and it should work together with the plants, flowers, and trees that are already there. If possible, your pool designer should plan the location and design of the pool around the plant life that is already present.

It’s unlikely that your pool designer will find a location and design that will perfectly complement the plant life in your yard without any modifications. Know that you may need to remove or relocate a few trees, bushes, or flower beds. If you don’t have any plant life in your yard, or if you don’t have enough, you may need to plant around the pool to help it blend in and to enhance its design.

A good custom pool builder in Phoenix will know how to work the design of the pool in with the design of the landscape – or will know a good landscaping to consult with for advice.


The style of your home should have a big influence on the style of your pool and your landscaping, as well. For example, if you have a Mediterranean-style home, you might want to put a lot of concrete paths or stone around your pool to create the look of a courtyard. You might also want to add a fountain or other water or rock features.

Consider how the pool and the landscape work together to both reflect and enhance the architecture of your home. Your pool and landscape should bring out the best elements of your home, and vice versa. If you aren’t sure where to start, talk with a custom pool designer in Phoenix to get some guidance or some ideas.


If you have a small backyard, you may not want to fill it with a large pool. Likewise, you wouldn’t want to put a tiny pool in a large yard – it would look like a hot tub if you did. You need to consider the size of the pool in relation to the size of your yard to determine what will look best.

You can get a sense for how different sized pools will look in your yard with the interactive design software that your pool builder will likely be using. Take a look at different sizes and shapes to determine what will look best.

Pool Features

Do you have a tropical-looking backyard with a lot of greenery and flowers? You might want to add a lot of water features to your pool, including a faux waterfall, to match the look of your yard. Likewise, if you have a modern home with a sparsely designed backyard, you might want a pool with similarly streamlined features, such as an infinity edge or a tanning ledge.

Again, your pool builder is your guide here. Utilize their expert knowledge and design software to help you understand how the different options will look once they are implemented.

Thinking through these and other aspects of your pool design will help you to come up with the perfect look to blend in with your landscaping and your home’s architecture. You’ll increase the curb appeal of your home and increase its value.

If you are thinking of getting a new pool in Phoenix or of redesigning your current pool, contact True Blue Pools in Arizona. Our custom pool builders can help you design the pool of your dreams. We’ll guide you through the options to find the perfect choices to suit your home and to fit within your budget. You’ll end up with a pool you love and a backyard that looks like your own private oasis. Call us today to start designing your new pool!


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