4 Signs that Your Pool Needs a Professional Pool Resurfacing

A well-built pool will last decades with the right maintenance. But not even meticulous care can stop a pool from showing the mark of time. Eventually, the pool materials will start to break down, and they will need to repaired or replaced.

The surface of the pool can show signs of wear first since it is constantly exposed to water and chemicals, as well as to foot traffic in the pool. If the pool’s surface starts to break down and you do not fix it, the whole pool can become compromised. You need to invest in resurfacing as soon as the pool shows signs of needing it if you want to protect the pool’s longevity. Here are four signs that your pool needs a professional pool resurfacing:

Signs that Your Pool Needs a Professional Pool Resurfacing

Peeling Plaster

Plaster is usually the top layer on a pool, and it is intended to provide a smooth and attractive surface. When the plaster starts peeling, it leaves the underlying surface exposed to water and chemicals, and the damage will quickly compound.

You can prevent damage to the plaster by ensuring that you have fresh water and the right mix of chemicals in the pool. If you notice that the plaster is peeling, you should consult with a pool professional to either repair the plaster or to resurface the pool.

Cracked Walls

Cracked walls are a sign that your pool’s surface has been compromised. The cracks will only deepen over time, allowing the damage to spread. That will lead to structural weakening, which can ultimately bring down your whole pool.

Cracks can also allow for water leakage, which will send your bills sky high. If you see signs of cracks, you need to talk with a pool contractor right away.

Pock Marks

Sometimes, the damage to your pool’s surface will be more dramatic. Pock marks on the pool’s surface is a sure sign that you need resurfacing. These divots in the pool’s surface are signs that the plaster and concrete have eroded significantly, and the damage will continue to spread.

You can’t get away with just grinding out these marks. You will need to resurface the pool to repair the marks and to restore the structural integrity of the pool. Otherwise, the damage will continue. Ideally, you would notice other signs of damage before pock marks appeared. But you should take action as soon as you notice this damage to keep it from spreading.

Stains and Discoloration

Your pool’s surface can become discolored for a number of reasons. The chemical balance in the pool could be off, which could cause stains on the surface. Or you may not be doing a great job of keeping up with the cleaning, and you could have mildew or staining on the surface.

However, staining can also be a sign that your pool’s surface is starting to experience problems. Cracks in the plaster and other erosion can allow bacteria inside, which can lead to staining and discoloration. If you have staining that doesn’t respond to cleaning, talk to a contractor about the health of the pool’s surface.

Resurfacing your pool can not only restore its beauty but also protect its structural health. Allowing problems to continue with the pool’s surface can lead to much bigger problems that can shorten the life of the pool and cost you a lot of money in the long run. Work closely with a pool contractor to repair problems early and to resurface when you need to do so. You’ll end up saving money and extending the life of your pool.

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