How to Transform Your Pool into a Fun Pool

A pool can be great fun all by itself in the summer time. Scottsdale, Arizona gets some brutally hot weather in the summer, and a dip in the pool can be refreshing and fun. A simple round hole in the ground filled with water can be enough to entertain.

However, if you want to really make the most of your pool, you will add a few accessories to make it even more fun. You can pick up a few things from the store, or you can hire a professional for some pool remodeling in Scottsdale to add new features. Alternatively, if you don’t yet have a pool, you can consider investing in custom pool building to get exactly the features you want.

tranform pool into fun pool

Here are a few features and accessories you should consider adding to your pool to make it more fun for the summer:

For Sports Fans

Your family might like to play sports and other outdoor games, but the Scottsdale summer sun makes it too unbearable to do so. Not so if you take the fun to the pool.

Put up a net across the pool and you have what you need to play water volleyball. Put up a floating basketball goal and you can play a game without the court.

There are a lot of sports you can play in the pool so long as you get the right equipment. The best part is that the equipment does not have to be permanently installed. You can remove it as needed to play other games or to enjoy open swimming.

For Exercise Enthusiasts

Exercising in the pool is also a great way to get in some healthy activity without risking heat stroke in the summer. The water also provides a lot of resistance, which can help you tone and build muscle quickly.

You can buy books or videos that walk you through a good water workout, and you can buy equipment such as kick boards, water weights, resistance bands, and weighted belts.

You’ll be able to work out your body without working out too much of a sweat. Just make sure you stay hydrated. It’s easy to misjudge how much water you’ve lost since you’re covered in water.

Scottsdale Custom Pool and Spa Builder

For Kids

Kids have the most fun of anyone in the pool. Fortunately, there are many features and accessories you can add to your pool to make it even more fun for kids.

The easy accessories to add include floats, diving rings, beach balls, rafts and water guns. You can throw those into the pool and take them out as needed.

If you want to invest in a little pool remodeling, you can add some great features like water slides, diving boards, and even built-in water squirters. You can add a zero entry to your pool to make it safer for younger children and to give them an area where they can play without fear.

The sky is the limit with the slide options. Just talk to your custom pool builder in Scottsdale about the different options and fun ways you can mix and match them.

For Relaxing

It’s easy enough to just pull up a lounge chair and relax by the side of your pool. However, you can invest in some custom features that make lounging in and around the pool even easier.

You can add lounging ledges and chairs to the pool itself, which allows you to soak up the rays while still soaking in the water, preventing you from overheating. You can add a floating island for people to swim up and enjoy a drink or a snack. You can even add a fire pit right in the middle of the pool for ambience and heating on a cold night.

fun pool true blueYour custom pool builder will have even more ideas about what features would be right for your pool, depending on how you want to enjoy it. But following any of these tips can help you make your pool more fun.

True Blue Pools of Arizona specializes in custom pool building and pool remodeling to help residents throughout the state get the pool of their dreams. We can makeover the pool deck and edges with beautiful new tile to create an upscale look, or we can add extensive new features to make it more enjoyable for the whole family. Call us today to start exploring your options and create the pool you want.

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