How to Design the Perfect Custom Pool for Your Family

Your pool is your own personal oasis in the suburban Gilbert, Arizona desert. You relax by the poolside after a long day at work, and you take a dip to cool down when the temperatures seem unbearable. You throw parties by the pool, and you probably celebrate some of you biggest occasions by it, such as birthdays and graduations.

Since your pool is such a big part of your life, it’s important that you have a pool you really love and that complements your home and your personal style well. Pool remodeling in Gilbert can help you get the look and features you want for your current pool, or you can invest in custom pool building for a new investment.

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Here are a few tips for you can design your perfect pool, whether you are investing in a new pool or remodeling an older one:

Consider Your Family’s Needs

Do you have toddlers who are still learning how to swim? You may want to consider a pool with a zero entry.

Do you have high-schoolers who are on the swim team? You may want to get a pool with a longer length or you may need a pool with more depth or a higher diving board.

It is important that you thoroughly evaluate the needs of all your family members. You can add features like extra stairwells and ladders, tanning ledges that even your four-legged family members can use to enjoy the water, and lounge areas for those who prefer to rest by the pool instead of actively swimming.

Talking with your custom pool builder about all the features available will help you get some ideas about how to accommodate your family’s personality and needs.

Add Some Luxury Features

If you are designing your own pool, you might as well make it really special. Make your pool extraordinary so that it stands apart from the typical catalog pools you’ll see at your neighbor’s homes.

Consider adding features like a waterfall or a grotto to make your backyard seem like a beautiful oasis. If your yard is graded for it, you can add an infinity pool that lets the water run right over the edge so that it looks like the pool has no end.

Add beautiful rocks and landscaping around the pool to integrate it into your yard and the surrounding scenery. Add an outdoor kitchen or other elements to make the pool a full entertaining space.

You have so many options for making your pool really beautiful and special. Make sure you explore them all.

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Consider the Look of Your Home

A Mediterranean style pool might not look that great with a cottage-style home.

It’s important that you consider how the look of your pool will complement the look of your home and the surrounding landscape. You should consider the color of the materials, the type of the materials, the shape of the pool, and the accessory features you choose.

Even small changes to the design of your pool can have a big impact on its overall look. Your custom pool builder in Gilbert should be able to show you a mockup of what your pool will look like so you can see the final version before it is actually built. You can typically see the look in a 3D software program.

Understand the Maintenance and Long-Term Costs

A waterfall over a natural rock formation may look breathtaking in your backyard, but it may take a lot of time and money to keep up over the long run. Ultimately, you may decide that the benefits are worth the cost, but it is important that you understand everything that is involved before you make the investment.

Talk with your pool builder about the long-term maintenance requirements and costs so you know the real investment you are making.
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Following these tips will ensure that you get a pool you love for your Gilbert home that fits your budget and your lifestyle.

True Blue Pools of Arizona specializes in custom pool building and pool remodeling. We can help you build your dream pool, ensuring that you get all the features you want in a beautiful pool. You will improve the value of your home and get a pool that your family loves. Call us today to start working with a pool designer and find out what’s possible.

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