6 Affordable Pool Features that Won’t Break the Bank

If you already have a pool in your backyard, you have already increased the value of your Arizona home. So why not add to that value some more and enhance the look and functionality of your pool by investing in some upgrades? You can make your pool look a lot more luxurious than it does, and you can impress your family and guests. Best of all, you can do it for a lot less money than you may think.

Here are six affordable pool features you should consider that won’t break the bank:

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Automatic Pool Vacuum

No one likes to do pool maintenance, but it is necessary. Otherwise, your pool becomes a dirty mess, and it corrodes and breaks down over time. An automatic pool vacuum can save you from at least one of those jobs. You just turn it on and let it go. The vacuum will clean the sides and bottom of the pool, and keep them free of slime and other debris. You won’t have to do any hard work. You can just relax and enjoy a clean pool.

Patio Plantings

A little bit of greenery makes any space look more sophisticated. You can easily add flowers and greenery to your poolside with some decorative planters, which you can place anywhere. If you have rocky areas worked into your concrete space, or there are areas where there is soil, you can plant some things directly. Consider small trees or bushes, small greens like hostas, and flowers. If you aren’t sure what to plant, consult with a landscape designer to learn how to get the most bang for your buck.

Water Cascade

A waterfall will make your pool look like something out of a Beverly Hills mansion. You don’t have to do any major work to make this happen. You can add a small water cascade to the edge of your pool, and you can fill that out with a retaining wall of natural stone. The entire project can cost less than $1,000, depending on the materials you choose and the size of the cascade and the accompanying wall.

Jets along the Edge

A bench seat is a great place to sit and relax on a hot day. You can cool off in the pool without putting in the exertion required of swimming. By adding jets to the edge, you can also enjoy a soothing, water massage while you are relaxing. Jets usually have to be plumbed into the pool when it is being built, so this is one you’re going to want to keep in mind if you have a new pool planned. It may be possible to add them after the fact, but it would require tearing up a lot of the pool and rebuilding it, which can be very costly.

Waterline Tiles

Most pools are just made of concrete, which can be very uninspiring. You can add a bit of flash to your pool by installing decorative tiles at the waterline. These can be a plain color, or they can have a design. You can also choose smaller tiles that are installed in a mosaic pattern. You can make the design as simple or elaborate as you like, depending on your personal style and your budget. Talk to your pool contractor about the options and what would look best with your pool.

Concrete Patio Border

Concrete is so ubiquitous with pools because it is both durable and inexpensive. You can create some more visual appeal with concrete by simply having a separate border poured right next to the pool. The border can be of smaller concrete squares, for instance, or you can invest in stamped or colored concrete. This is another job that is usually reserved for new pool builds, though it can be done on an existing pool for more money. If you do it with a new pool build, it won’t be as expensive since you’ll just be investing in a separate mold for the same concrete.

Adding features to your pool can make it look much more expensive and sophisticated than it is. You can enhance the beauty of your home and natural landscape, which will increase your enjoyment of your pool as well as the value of your home. Talk to your pool contractor about the available options and what would look best on your pool.

True Blue Pools can help you get the pool of your dreams in Arizona. Our pool contractors can design and build a custom pool from scratch, or they can add features to an existing pool. We will help you figure out how to design the best pool to perfectly enhance your home and your landscape. Call us today to learn more about the options and to schedule a consultation with a custom pool builder.


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