5 Ways to Incorporate Gorgeous Lighting Features into Your Pool

Lighting can really transform your pool, taking it from a drab concrete hole with water in it to a luxurious oasis in your Arizona yard. The right lighting can make your pool look like a million bucks – and the envy of the whole neighborhood. That more luxurious and sophisticated look will also do wonders for the value of your home if you decide to sell.

You can do a lot more with lighting around your pool that put up a few wall sconces or some patio lights. Your pool builder in Arizona will have some ideas on how to specifically elevate the look of your unique pool, but here are five ideas for how you can incorporate gorgeous lighting features into your pool:

Swimming Pool

Lighted Rock Wall

A rock wall can be a beautiful accent for your pool. You can put one around one side of your pool, creating a grotto-like atmosphere, or you can build one around the entire pool and deck area. You can even incorporate a rock wall into the pool itself.

Lighting can create a sophisticated look for your rock wall and enhance the ambience around the pool. You can add lighting under a water feature on the rock wall, or you can have the lighting installed directly into the rock wall for a more subtle look.

Lighted Fountain

A fountain can elevate the look of any pool. But a lighted fountain can make your pool look downright luxurious. You can have a small fountain, a huge centerpiece with multiple streams, or even small water streams coming off different sides of the pool. Any type of fountain is going to elevate the look of your pool, and adding lighting to the fountain is going to make it more sophisticated.

Experiment with different types of light, including different colors. You can create a dramatically different look and feel for your pool by simply changing the type of light you add to the fountain, as well as the angle of the light.

Waterfall with Fire

You don’t have to use artificial light in your pool. You can get dramatic and beautiful results with natural light also, including fire. And don’t think that adding a fire pit to your pool is your only options!

Imagine a waterfall or water wall next to your pool topped by a border of fire. Your pool would look sensational, and your guests would clamor to be invited to your next pool party. You can add ledges with fire, or put a border of fire around specific features. Just work with a reputable custom swimming pool builder Arizona to ensure that the features are safe and are properly installed.

Waterfall with Lighted Bubblers

A waterfall can make your pool seem like a tropical paradise. You can include a waterfall with a new pool build, or you can add one with a custom pool remodel. Adding a bubbler will provide the perfect accent to any waterfall, no matter how large. However, with a larger waterfall, you may want to consider adding more than one.

Just like with fountains, you can add lighting to a bubbler to enhance it and make it look even more beautiful. Your pool will look stunning at night with a lighted waterfall and accenting bubblers.

Commercial Accent Lighting

Pool lighting isn’t just for home pools – in fact, it is ideal for commercial pools. Adding lighting to your pool at your hotel, bed and breakfast, spa, or other business can impress your guests, improve their experience, and create a safer environment.

Work with a custom swimming pool builder in Arizona to identify the best places to add accent lighting to your commercial pool. You can highlight areas like the steps or ladders, or you can accent features for the look, such as around tanning ledges or water features. Your pool builder will give you feedback on how to make the biggest impact in the space.

It doesn’t take much to transform the look of your pool. Even if you have a relatively small pool or a relatively small budget, you can create a whole new look for your space with the right lighting. Consult with a pool remodeling contractor or a new pool builder today to explore your options.

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