The Advantages Of Resurfacing Your Pool With Mini Pebbles

Upgrade The Look Of Your Arizona Pool With Mini Pebbles Surface

Resurfacing your swimming pool can be a daunting and expensive process. It’s something you want to look great, be easy to maintain, and express your design style while also looking great for many years to come. You may be relieved to learn that choosing materials to resurface your swimming pool doesn’t have to take a lot of work; in fact, the hardest part will probably be choosing which design you like best for your pool out of so many stunning options! One of the highest rated materials for durability and amazing results in your swimming pool is mini pebbles from your San Tan Valley custom swimming pool builder. Check out these advantages of mini pebbles for your swimming pool!

Beautiful Concrete Pool Resurface With Mini Pebbles In Tempe, Arizona

Give Your Pool a Beautiful Aesthetic 

The mini pebble series for pool resurfacing features a wide variety of beautiful color shades that will enhance the aesthetic of any custom designed pool in Scottsdale. Mini pebbles are available in plenty of vibrant hues that will enable you to express your decorating style and personal preferences for a swimming pool that reflects your personality. With a mini pebble pool surface, you’ll be able to create a backyard oasis as you combine a spectrum of colors with infinite design options for a truly unique look. Whether you want to emulate a peaceful riverbed, create a jeweled Mediterranean feel, or reminisce of a natural mountain stream, mini pebbles are the perfect material that yield stunning results. Mini pebbles can be combined together in endless varieties to create the perfect aesthetic with a luxurious finish that will be incomparable to other pool finishes. 

Mini Pebbles Surface Offers Intense Durability

Due to their composition and texture, mini pool pebbles are one of the most durable pool resurfacing materials. In general, mini pebbles tend to react less to the chemical used in the pool, which is one of the reasons why they are also likely to last longer than other resurfacing options. As an aggregate style pool finish that incorporates the smallest pebble size possible, a mini pebble finish adds resilience and strength to your pool along with their aesthetic qualities. When compared to plaster finish by itself, mini pebbles win in their ability to resist etching, staining, and fading. For Sun Lakes pool and spa remodeling, mini pebbles are unmatched in their ability to provide a sleek and smooth-feeling surface. The durability of mini pebbles means your swimming pool will continue to look brand new for many years.

Impressive Longevity For Your Swimming Pool Interior

A micro pebble pool finish will have an expected lifespan of around 20 years! This is more than double the lifespan of traditional pool plaster finishes, which will need to be replaced every eight to ten years due to their porous composition and susceptibility to cracking. With a mini pebble pool finish, your pool will have the upper hand in maintaining the integrity of its interior surface for a much longer timeframe than you would get with other pool finishes – saving you work and money. Mini pebbles are the easy choice for longevity in your swimming pool.

Mini Pebble Finish Requires Low Maintenance

Everyone wants to spend their time enjoying their swimming pool, not wasting excessive hours maintaining it. If you’re looking for a Tempe pool resurfacing option that is low maintenance, a pebble pool surface is your best choice!  As a non-porous surface, mini pebble finishes are extremely resistant to stains and also require much less cleaning and maintenance than a plaster surface does. As with any pool surface, you’ll need to make sure you maintain proper water chemistry in order for your mini pool pebble finish to last as long as expected. A nylon pool brush should be used to remove any debris. In the long run, a mini pebble finish will save you money, time, and stress with its low maintenance, so you can get back to making waves with your family!

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