Seven Completely Inaccurate Swimming Pool Falsehoods

Seven Completely Inaccurate Swimming Pool Falsehoods

We’re all familiar with the rumors and old wives tales about swimming, but backyard pool owners want to know: are they true? Before your Tempe swimming pool construction, separate fact from fiction by learning about these seven swimming pool falsehoods!

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Myth #1: Wait to swim for at least an hour after eating, or you’ll end up with cramps and stomach aches.

Remember when you were a kid, how hard it was to wait after eating to get back into the cool water? There is some truth to this myth. When your body starts to digest food, your stomach and intestines require more blood, which leaves a bit less blood elsewhere in your body. If you overwork your muscles while swimming, it’s possible you’ll get a cramp. It’s usually best to eat a lighter meal while swimming and slowly ease back into the pool. Plunging into the water with a cannonball right after lunch might not be the best idea.

Myth #2: If I can smell chlorine, there’s too much in the pool.

This is a common misunderstanding, but actually the opposite is true. Pool chemistry is pretty straightforward: the chlorine in your swimming pool attaches to bacteria particles, creating chloramines. When the pool is “shocked” with chlorine, the chloramines turn into oxygen, escape the water, and become part of the air. This is when you can smell the chlorine. If you smell chlorine in the air, it means there isn’t enough in the pool.

Myth #3: Chlorine will turn my blonde hair green!

Chlorine is often blamed for swimming pool woes in Tempe new pool builds, but in this case, it’s not the culprit. Copper is the problem! Many algaecide products are copper based. When the metal oxidizes in the water, it can attach to proteins in your hair. This problem can be solved by using a color stripping shampoo after swimming, or conditioning your hair before you jump in.

Myth #4: Chlorine will burn your eyes if you open them underwater.

While this is a more common problem in backyard swimming pools than it is in lakes, it’s not actually the chlorine that burns eyes. Instead, the burning is caused by an unbalanced pH level in the water. If your pool maintains a pH level between 7.2 and 7.6, you won’t need to worry about burning or red eyes after swimming.

Myth #5: If you pee in the pool, your urine will turn blue!

This widespread joke is a popular legend told to children to prevent them from peeing in the pool after your Tempe pool and spa remodeling. Unfortunately, more than half of adults also believe the blue urine detector myth. While some chemicals do react to urine and could change color, it doesn’t happen in swimming pools.

Myth #6: There’s no chlorine in a saltwater pool.

Sorry to disappoint you, but a saltwater pool is unfortunately not completely chlorine free. In order to sanitize a salt water system, the water is forced through a metal cell that is charged with an electric current. This chemical process, called electrolysis, creates chlorine as a byproduct. Many people also believe that a salt water system doesn’t use pool shock treatment. However, this is a common misconception. It’s still necessary to shock salt water pools for sanitizing and to prevent algae growth.

Myth #7: A clear pool is a clean pool.

While everyone would agree that a clear pool is certainly more visually attractive, don’t rely on the pool’s appearance to tell you whether it’s clean. Trust the chemistry. It’s important for pool owners to test the water each week so they can immediately take action against unhealthy levels of microorganisms and algae growth. Just because a pool is clear doesn’t mean that its chemistry is perfect or that nothing sinister is growing in the water.

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