How to Choose the Right Pool Shape for Your Swimming Pool Remodel

You have the power to choose a number of elements when you are remodeling your pool. You can choose much more than the tile used or the kind of filter you want. You can also choose to add on water or fire features, completely change the landscape around the pool, and even change the shape of the pool itself.

The shape of your pool may seem like a triviality, but it’s not. The shape of your pool can determine the style and mood you create in your backyard, and it can impact the type of features you can add and how your family enjoys the pool. Here’s a look at some of the common pool shapes and some considerations for deciding which is best for you:


A rectangular pool has a classic look that will match pretty much any property. It has clean lines, and it can be decorated in just about any way you want. At the same time, it provides plenty of room to swim, including laps for those who want to create a more strenuous fitness program around the pool.

The other advantage of a rectangular pool is that it can be placed in more spaces on your property. You don’t have to figure out a way to fit the shape, like Tetris. The basic shape makes it easier to drop it into the landscape. Your Mesa pool designer can give you more tailored feedback about the best placement based on the particular features of your landscape.


An L-shaped pool creates a natural empty space that can be used as a deck or patio for entertaining or just relaxing. You can set up an outdoor kitchen in the space, or just put out lounge chairs and the like. You can also divide the pool into clearly delineated shallow and deep sections, which can be helpful if you have young children.

An L-shaped pool does not have to consist of square or rectangular shapes. You can use round or oblong shapes, like a kidney bean that’s folded over. You can also experiment with other shapes. The use of different shapes gives you the flexibility to design your pool around other elements in your yard that you may not want to move.


With a freeform pool, you can create pretty much any shape you want. Do you want a pool that looks like Iron Man’s head? You can get it with the right pool designer. Do you want a pool that looks like a lotus flower or a mandala? Again, you can get it when you work with the right designer in Mesa.

The greatest benefit of a freeform pool is that it gives you the flexibility to fit the pool into any area of your property, as well as to put just about whatever features you want around it. You can create the shape around your property or around your chosen features. You just need to work closely with your Mesa custom swimming pool builder to determine the right shape and placement.

Pool and spa remodeling can turn an unloved pool into an oasis for your backyard. Your kids will want to swim again, and you’ll feel excited about throwing backyard parties again. You don’t have to be stuck with the pool you currently have. You can work with a pool builder to remodel the pool or even to start over from scratch. Even basic pool resurfacing can give an old pool a new look and new life. Talk to a custom swimming pool builder in Mesa about the options for your pool and your budget.

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