3 Popular Ways to Upgrade Your Swimming Pool

Your swimming pool isn’t just a place to cool off during the day. With the right enhancements, it can provide an oasis from the outside world. You can retreat there to let your stress melt away, to connect with friends and family, or just to enjoy a little pampering.

If your swimming pool is looking a little more functional than inspirational these days, you might want to consider an upgrade. You can talk to a pool remodeling contractor about redesigning the whole space, from the way it looks to the way it operates. Here are three of the popular upgrades we see in our Gilbert pool remodeling business to give you a few ideas:



The right lighting can immediately make any pool look more luxurious. Lighting can be place deep under the water, ensuring that you can see everything for night swimming. It can be placed just under the ledge, creating a nice accent border, or it can be placed around the pool, enhancing the landscape. You can choose different colors, as well as different styles for the lighting fixtures.

You can turn your pool area into what looks like a luxury resort with just the addition of the right lighting. Your pool contractor can even set the lighting on a timer so that it automatically turns on and off when you need it to – or even so it creates some special effects, such as flashing or “dancing.”

Water Features

Your pool doesn’t have to be just a static body of water. It can also include fun water features that enhance your enjoyment of the pool. Some popular options include fountains, streaming jets, or even underwater jets. Water features can be decorative, or they can add to your experience in the pool, such as massaging jets.

If your budget allows, you can go big with water features, such as by adding a waterfall or adding a timed fountain show. It can be like Vegas in your backyard all the time! A Gilbert swimming pool remodel can drastically help make your pool feel luxurious and unique.


Not all pool upgrades have to be flashy. Upgrading your equipment can help you get more out of your pool, and it can help you save money. For example, you get a more efficient pump that will save you as much as 30 percent of the electricity previously used and as much as 50 percent of the water. More efficient pumps can also operate more quietly, which will give you a more relaxing environment in the pool. You can also consider upgrading your filter to put less strain on your pump. Some filters can also help you save money on water.

You can also consider adding equipment to your pool such as a pool heater. With a pool heater, you can enjoy your pool all year long, regardless of the temperature outside.

You have a lot more options than these to update the look ort t, adding a heater can give you the option to swim when the temperatures get cooler. You might not think much abohat problem in Arizona, where the heat is usually unbearable. But there are some colder months in which you might unctionality of your pool. You can put in a deck or new tile around the pool, add tanning ledges, put in a fire pit or pool-side bar, and much, much more. The best thing you can do is talk to a pool remodeling contractor near Gilbert to explore your options and find out what’s possible for your pool. You may be surprised at what a transformation is possible for that simple, concrete rectangle currently taking up space in your backyard.

True Blue Pools is ready to help you discover what your pool can be. We create custom designed pools in Tempe and the surrounding area, and we perform custom pool and spa remodeling near Gilbert. We can build the pool of your dreams from the ground up, or we can transform the pool that you already have to give you the oasis that you want in your yard. Your pool is an important investment. It should look and feel the way you want. Call us today to talk with a custom swimming pool builder about how we can help you.


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