What’s Trending in Mesa, AZ for the 2016 Pool Season?

Thinking about a new pool? There are some exciting new design trends that make it a great time to invest in a pool. Not only will a pool give you a soothing place to cool off in the hot, Arizona summer, but it will also improve the value of your home and enhance your landscape.

If you already have a pool, you might want to take another look at it and think about whether it’s time for some pool remodeling. A Mesa custom pool remodel can give your pool a facelift and make it more beautiful and inviting. Here are a few of the latest trends you might want to consider:

What's Trending in Mesa, AZ for the 2016 Pool Season?

What’s Trending in Mesa, AZ for the 2016 Pool Season?

Keep your pool fresh and fun with these cool summer pool trends.
Mesa, Arizona

Glass Tile

Glass tile has a shimmery look that is perfect for pools. It creates an iridescent effect that is reflective of the water glistening in the sun.

You can choose from glass tile in a variety of colors, and it can be placed in a variety of patterns, including mosaic designs.

Underwater Lighting

The right underwater lighting is both practical and aesthetic. It can light up the pool at night, making it easier to see while swimming or even while lounging poolside. It can also create some lovely ambience when you are entertaining at night.

You can choose different colored lighting to match your tiling or to suite the ambience you are trying to create.

In-Pool Furniture and Shelves

Why lounge poolside when you can lounge directly in the pool? In the middle of the Arizona summer, lounging by the pool can leave you in a puddle of sweat in a matter of minutes. You’ll have to keep jumping into the pool to cool down. If you just sit on the steps in the pool, you’ll have to keep getting out of the water to grab your drink.

With in-pool furniture and shelves, you can have the best of both worlds. You can relax in the pool and have your drink or snacks right at the tips of your fingers.

Tanning Ledges

You may also want to stay poolside in Mesa so you can work on your tan, but again, you will end up overheating before too long. But you can’t exactly sit in a lounge chair in the pool and expect to get a tan — the sun’s rays won’t penetrate effectively.

Tanning ledges can be built into your pool. These are shallow ledges along the sides of the pool that hold less than 12 inches of water. You can lie in the water to keep cool while also getting a great tan.

Of course, you don’t have to be tanning to enjoy the tanning ledge. You can put on some sun block and just enjoy some relaxation lying in the water and getting some fresh air and sunshine.

Zero Entry

Similar to a tanning ledge, a zero entry area has less than a foot of water. Zero entry provides a slow gradient into the pool, similar to the shoreline along the beach.

People choose zero entry for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Aesthetically, the area can be decorated with sand and rocks to look like an actual beach, creating a tropical oasis in your back yard. The shallow area is also safer for young children playing in the pool, and it makes it easier for the elderly or disabled to get into and out of the pool.

Knife-Edge Design

Beautiful pool trends in Mesa
Mesa infinity pools are quite popular, but they can’t be built into every landscape. With an infinity pool, the water is allowed to run over the side, looking like it has no edge. These pools look beautiful and exotic, but they require a hill or other area with an open side for the water to run down.

A knife-edge pool has the look of an infinity pool, but it can be installed in any flat landscape. The water runs over the side and into a vertical space that is dug into the ground. The water runs out of sight and is run back through the pool.

Fire Bowl

Why put a fire bowl on the side of your pool when you can make it the centerpiece? You can have a fire bowl installed at the center of your pool on a concrete pillar, providing a beautiful centerpiece and a nice bit of heat when you start to cool while swimming at night.

When you are planning your pool remodeling, consider adding benches around the fire pit for a unique and interesting sitting area.

Digital Controls

Technology has found a way to improve just about everything in our lives, including control and maintenance of our pools. Digital controls can be added during the building or remodeling phase, and they can be connected to the lighting, thermostat, cleaner, pump and more. All you have to do is hit a button to turn the lights on or off or to adjust the temperature.

Many digital controls can also be accessed through your smart phone. Just pull up the app and change the controls from wherever you are.


You already know that you can heat your pool, but what about cooling it? If your pool is in the direct sun, it can get quite hot during the Arizona summer. A cooling pump can bring down the water temperature to make it more refreshing.

Adding a cooling pump is easy to do during the pool remodeling stage, so all is not lost if you don’t already have one on your pool.

The experienced Mesa, Arizona custom pool builders at True Blue Pools can help you get these and other features for your pool, whether you are looking at new construction or want to invest in pool remodeling. With the right features, your pool will be easier to maintain and it will be a welcoming oasis after a long week at work. Call us today to learn how a custom pool builder can help you.

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